To the Rescue; Surviving the Black--Book 2 of a Post-Apocalyptical Series

To the Rescue; Surviving the Black--Book 2 of a Post-Apocalyptical Series

Author: Zack Finley

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 413

Description du Livre

“To the Rescue” A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Surviving the Black--Book 2) continues the saga of a hardy band of multi-generational survivors in rural Tennessee started in “Breckinridge Valley; Surviving the Black—Book 1” by burgeoning author Zack Finley.
The action in “To the Rescue” begins about three months after a massive coronal mass ejection wipes out the electrical grid in industrialized countries around the world. The loss of power triggers cascading system failures and the complete collapse of the national supply chain.
When the power goes down, it doesn’t just affect electricity. Soon families can no longer count on supplies of natural gas, propane, or heating oil to stay warm, so what do they do? The corner grocery store has at most a week’s supply of food. When that is gone, then what?
When the power dies, most sources of clean water dry up. Medical care deteriorates to life before antibiotics. Those counting on a government rescue haven’t learned the harsh lessons taught by Hurricanes Katrina, Maria, Michael, Harvey, or Sandy.
Hunger, fear, uncertainty, and deprivation lead to civil unrest and chaos as societal norms crumble. Even if your family prepared what happens when your less prepared neighbors get desperate? How far would you go to save your family?
As much as those in Breckinridge Valley just want to be left alone to care for their families, the outside world finds a way to intrude.
This electrifying novel of persistence demonstrates the expanding versatility of new author Zack Finley. This dystopian novel features well-researched survival tips against the backdrop of rural America.
The Surviving the Black series presents one version of a possible future, should American society continue its increasing dependence on a poorly managed electrical grid and food supplies coming from half a continent away.
Caution: Mature themes, not suitable for persons under 18. This is the second in a series expected to contain a total of five books.

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