How To Be An Airline Pilot - 7 Steps To Becoming A Commercial Airline Pilot! (Airline Pilot Training Book 1)

How To Be An Airline Pilot - 7 Steps To Becoming A Commercial Airline Pilot! (Airline Pilot Training Book 1)

Author: Jason Cohen

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 78

ISBN: 9781907558832


Publisher: My New Career

Release Date: October 18, 2011

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Customer Reviews

By ldee

I truly wish all informative guides were this informative, easy to read and filled with resources like this book is. Choosing a career path would be a snap if they were. I had no trouble understanding what needs to happen if I want to be a commercial pilot and go all the way up to Chief Pilot and how to stay there.

By Jennifer Lee
I purchased this for my boy, who is starting his second year in college next semester and has always wanted to be a pilot, ever since he was very young.

This book has been the primary resource for my son's efforts to become an airline pilot and he's been reading it (and re-reading it!) religiously. It's acted more as a course to him, than just a book, as he's been getting an inside look at the steps one needs to take to work for a major airline.

By ChicagoSlim

I was really surprised at how in-depth this book went. It really shows you everything you need to become a commercial pilot from start to finish. I felt this was the best and most informative book that I have read on this topic so far. It really cleared up a lot of the myths I had heard about becoming a pilot.
Book Overview

By Jeff Davis

My buddy is actually building an airplane, and I was wondering what it took to become a pilot.

Did a search online and I stumbled on this book, which is all about the secrets to becoming a commercial airline pilot, which pays very well, as we all know.

There are some great resources, to find a flying school on page 8.

And it quickly answered my top 7 questions, to achieve my pilots

I really enjoyed the no nonsense style of this book, and I recommend
it to anyone interested in getting a commercial airline pilots license.

Book Overview
Discover The Secrets To Becoming A Commercial Airline Pilot!

Written By Serving Commercial Airline Pilots...

What Your Learn In The How To Become A Commercial Airline Pilot Book...

- Understand The Training Process
- Where To Train & Raise Funds
- The Flying Course Structure
- Sample Exam Questions
- A Behind The Scenes Look
- Life Behind The Scenes On The Campus
- How To Find the Best Commercial Airline Flight Schools
- Where Is The Best Place To Obtain Your Pilots License
- The Rating You NEED To Become A Commercial Airline Pilot

Start Immediately With The Training In This Book

No Experience Necessary

You will also learn how to...

- Qualify Yourself as an Commercial Airline Pilot and Stay Qualified
- Which Commercial Airline Employers To Select !
- How To Land Commercial Airline Pilot Job

and in the interview process…

- How To Present Yourself At Interviews and Understanding Of The Process Of - - Hiring and Excelling In Training From the Small and Large Airlines
- Sample Test Questions and Answers
- Insider Secrets Of The Commercial Airline Industry

Then Taking It To The Next Level…

- How To Become an Airline Captain
- Airline Pilot Career Advancement Techniques and Strategies
- Selecting Foreign Airline Employers Outside The UK
- Interviewing and Hiring Secrets From Active Commercial Airline Pilots
- How To Get Recruited As A Commercial Airline Pilot By British Airways
- BA Announces Biggest Pilot Recruitment Drive in a Decade!
- Brit

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