If I Had A Book Club…Romance Edition

I wanted to start a fun little series on my blog called If I Had a Book Club. Each new edition will feature a different genre and three authors I would feature in my club. The banner will feature the title of the book club so my romance book club would be called: Swoon-Worthy Reads. These authors all have swoon-worthy men, amazing heroines of different varieties, and face-fanning sensual writing. 


Krista and Becca Ritchie

These duo authors are twins who write some heart-pounding romances. They never fail to make me laugh, swoon, giggle, blush, and sigh. Their heroes are some truly sweet men who are realistic with flaws but equally dream-worthy in how they treat a lady. Their heroines range from feisty, tomboyish, adventurous, quiet, loud, and everything in between. They are truly remarkable women who I will protect. The only downside is there is very little POC in their works so not much in the sense of diversity. 

Talia Hibbert

Never fear our diversity queen in here! Miss Hibbert doesn’t just provide diversity in race and ethnicity but also in age, sexuality, body type, class, disability, romance type, and more. You name it and she has probably written it. When I discovered this author there was no going back. Everything she writes makes me so happy and sad because wow I WANT a man like the one she writes about. They are so soft and cute with the heroines. And the heroines OMG talk about stan-worthy women. You will never be disappointed by Miss Hibbert’s writing because it never makes you cringe and it is always sexy and cute. 

R. Scarlett

I read one book by this woman and I was hooked. Her writing is amazing and she has me in a chokehold. I am waiting not so patiently for the rest of her American Gods series because NEED. She writes semi-bdsm SO WELL!!!! It is sexy, beautiful, stunning and completely accurate. It touches my heart. I love her heroes and heroines so much and her enemies to lovers romance LET ME TELL YOU! 


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