Books That Made Me Cry

I have cried quite a few times when reading books. I usually tear up when a series or story I loved is over or when a character I deeply love dies. But, the difference is the books below are books that left me in puddles of tears, runny nose, started crying when I was writing the review books. These are the books that I am not sure I can ever pick up again because they hit me way too hard but I LOVED them so much.


The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

I felt like I could not breathe when I read this book. I was crying at every other scene. Khaled Hosseini had NO right to hit my heart in the way he did. The story is so beautiful and the compelling way he writes is so thought-provoking and haunting. His words are powerful and the characters just engrave themselves into your heart. I swore off his books for two years (I read this one last year) so, I won’t be reading another until 2020 because I needed a long time to recover. 

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

EVERY PAGE. I WAS CRYING EVERY FREAKING PAGE. I was practically crying every word. I am not someone who cries when my favorites break up so I can’t explain what it was that Adam Silvera did to pull on my heartstrings but he plucked every one. This story is heartbreaking in the best and worst ways. I felt everything the characters felt and I could not breathe with how enchanting the author writes. He weaved a tale of heartbreak, breaking yourself apart, and putting yourself back together. 

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

Something about this book deeply resonated in my soul. The three-person point-of-view really added a depth to the story that just engraved itself inside me. I sat in my bed for about an hour after I finished just thinking about the story and the characters. It was an ending I did not want but McGinnis completely sold me on. The story of these characters just touched something inside me and I felt like I knew them. The author brought this world to life because of the small and real truths inside of it. 


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