Throwback – Memorable Book That Starts With the Letter ‘I’

It is time for my Memorable Book letter I. My friend Ashley over at Thrifty Bibliophile created the meme Throwback Thursday- Memorable Book That Starts With the Letter…Again, I don’t think I will post these on Thursdays but, I am doing them anyway. I have fun with these even though some of these I can’t remember much besides the name lol.


Insomnia by Stephen King

I can’t remember a lot about Insomnia but it was creepy as hell and so good. It is also the only Stephen King novel I have read and will probably ever read. His books are personally too long and hold no real interest to me. I read this book from a challenge where the prompt was something creepy/horror or a Stephen King novel (I can’t quite remember). I read it about five years ago. It was my bus trip book too and from school. It took me only a few days (less than a week I think). It was a lot of fun but not something I would recommend to everyone but I think I will definitely pick up again one day when I am in the mood for a reread of this one. The characters were interesting and the plot/mystery was so intriguing I had trouble putting it down when it was time. 

Synopsis from Goodreads

RALPH ROBERTS IS SEEING SOME STRANGE HAPPENINGS IN DERRY, MAINE. He sees auras around human beings that show him the horror threatening them. He sees a nice young research chemist like Ed Deepneau turn into a savage wife beater. He sees Charlie Pickering with blood in his eyes and a gleaming knife in his hand. And he sees three little bald doctors in the homes of the dying – and he begins to suspect who they really are. No wonder Ralph stays awake all night. You would, too.


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