Throwback – Memorable Book That Starts With the Letter ‘H’

It is time for my Memorable Book letter H. My friend Ashley over at Thrifty Bibliophile created the meme Throwback Thursday- Memorable Book That Starts With the Letter…Again, I don’t think I will post these on Thursdays but, I am doing them anyway. I have fun with these even though some of these I can’t remember much besides the name lol.


Title: Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin

I read this book for middle school or high school. I am a huge history buff and I love mythology from all culture but Greek is definitely at the top. It’s such a fun book that started my journey and love for mythology and ancient Greece. It’s someone else’s retelling so expect some changes in stuff. But it was so exciting every time we read this book in class and got to learn about the different gods and goddesses and the different heroes and monsters that are so popular today. I think I honestly took my copy from class and never gave it back but it’s too late at this point lol.

Synopsis from Goodreads

The earth breeds giants and ogres of indescribable horror — the heavens hold omnipotent gods and goddesses, abounding in courage, strength, and wisdom. Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, who cannot resist feminine beauty — mortal or divine, and his jealous and vengeful wife, Hera. Perseus, fearless mortal warrior, who takes on an impossible challenge: slaying the monstrous Medusa, whose glance turns men to stone. The Minotaur, half-man and half-bull, the horrible fruit of a queen’s unspeakable desire, who annually destroys the young victims sacrificed to his terrifying power. A fantastic world of spells and curses, magic and mystery, forces that create and destroy at will.


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