Favorite TV Show Characters

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I rave about many things so today I want to rave about TV and my favorite TV show characters. I watch a few more shows than this but I just decided to stop after a certain amount lol. I am not going to make this into a long one so here are my favorites. 


Criminal Minds


Every lead cast member in Criminal Minds is my favorite which makes sense since it is my favorite show.

Teen Wolf


I love all of these beautiful people so much.



These three were so badass and wonderful.

Beauty and the Beast

I loved this group and how many messes they got into.

Stranger Things

I LOVE this cast. The kids are my favorite and I love Steve and Joyce (two moms lol).


My villains and anti-heroes. 

How to Get Away With Murder

I love these murderous people.

Secret Life of the American Teenager


Ricky deserved better.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Honestly, I loved everyone but these guys are my favorite.


These are my same favorite characters from the book. 


The original cast is my favorite. 

Pretty Little Liars


Now while I enjoyed everyone somewhat Caleb & Hannah are my favorite. 


The beautiful loves of my life.

Money Heist


Ugh, one of the BEST ensemble casts. 


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4 thoughts on “Favorite TV Show Characters

  1. YES!! Steve and Joyce are the best moms in Stranger Things ❤️ ahh and Esme from A Series of Unfortunate Events… I’m not sure if she’s the same in the TV show, but I loved it when she kept saying “[certain thing] is in!”

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  2. Criminal Minds is one of my all time favs too! Spencer Reid is everythinggggggg. I was happily surprised to see Secret Life on here! I loved that show when it was on and I feel like no one ever talks about it!

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