Ultimate Favorites of Kingdom Hearts & A Mini Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 HAS BEEN IN THE WORLD FOR A LITTLE OVER A MONTH! So, I thought I would share all my love for the game. Before the game came out a challenge came out to name all your favorites for the series. Instead of doing this on Twitter I decided to make a master Kingdom Hearts post including a mini-review of the game so far in what I have played. The challenge will come first and then the review so that you can skip if you don’t want any spoilers. The challenge does not include anything from KH3 besides question 20 because the KH3 song was my favorite so I had to choose that one. Ok, no more chatting let’s get into this.border-04-06


1- Kingdom Hearts three has the best cover in my opinion. The colors are gorgeous and the layout is really nice. My favorite thing is about it though is the fact that all the trios are on the cover.


2- My favorite Disney character in Kingdom Hearts is Donald Duck. Yeah, he may suck at healing and be a loser sometimes but he is MY loser.


3- Defender is so badass looking. It is my favorite shield of Goofy’s.


4- The Precious Mushroom staff is my favorite. I love the look and style of it. 


5- I haven’t played in a while but I think Master Form was my favorite drive form. 


6- Vanitas is my favorite villain so it was a toss between him and one of the Organization members. But Vanitas is my favorite.


7- My most difficult boss is probably not the hardest to everyone but omg it took me a million tries. Demyx is truly my archnemesis. 


8- Halloween Town is my favorite Disney Town.


9- Sephiroth is the BEST Final Fantasy character in this game. IT IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE. 


10- For me, it is between The World That Never Was and The Keyblade Graveyard is my favorite original KH worlds. 


12- The whole Birth By Sleep trio ending honestly. My heart broke so much because of what happened to them. ALSO WHEN XION SACRIFICES HERSELF. 

13- The Dusks. They moved so funnily.


14- My favorite Unversed is Scrapper.


15- My favorite heartless is the Shadow. I am getting a plush doll of this cutie. 


16- My favorite Dream Eater is the Keeba Tiger.


17- I loved breaking the urns in the Olympus Collisium minigame in Birth By Sleep.


18- Riku saves my life when I need him plus he is my favorite boy.


19- The best battle music is Enter the Darkness.

20- Face my fears is the best Kingdom Hearts song.

21- Pumpkin Head and Way to the Dawn are so beautiful and sickening lol.

22- Xigbar and Axel are my favorite Organization XIII members.

23- *****

24- My trios!

25- The 1000 Heartless battle was the best and I don’t want to hear debates.


26- Birth By Sleep is my favorite game story wise. It had me in tears and left me in a chokehold. 


27- Gameplay wise I loved Kingdom Hearts 2.


28- “The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes.”


30- MY LOVES SORA, RIKU, AND TERA!!!! I love them because of the different growth they all go through and how they overcome their struggles differently. 

31- I am not doing this lol.


KINGDOM HEARTS 3 REVIEW *Skip if you want there will be some spoilers*

Gameplay– The gameplay is dope. The keyblade transformations were sickening. I think my favorites were Wheel of Fate, Ever After, Happy Gear, Favorite Deputy, and of course the Ultima. The post-game playthrough is a lot of fun. I have not finished 100%ing the game but I finished the story 100% and I did it in a week which amounted to about two to three days. The game is pretty easy but the bosses are so good. I don’t mind it being easy the way others do but I am sure the DLC will have some harder modes. The Gummiphone and emblems were such a nice addition to the game. It was different and added a new touch to the series. There are multiple different people we get to play as besides Sora and it was such a surprise. It was so fun and the unreal engine is so beautiful. The worlds and the characters looked so beautiful. 

Story– UGH. I have never been so happy and hurt at the same time. The story starts out with Sora needing to receive the power of waking to save Aqua and the others. As we go through the game and the Disney worlds Sora learns more about the Organization and Xehanort’s plans. Then we reach the breaking point and FINALLY, we save Aqua. First, we have to fight her and when we save her my heart was so happy. The Sora/Aqua hand scene is canon. Then we get to save my boy Ven and listen my heart was singing. When we got to the whole ending my heart was a mess and I cried so much. Saving Tera was the moment I really cried. Seeing him and the Wayfinder Trio together again was such a moment. Xion and Roxas came back and then we got the SeaSalt trio!! But, that was not all we even got Axel/Lea and Siax/Isa, Hanner, Pence and Olette all together in Twilight Town and happy. Listen all of the Organization members and how they came to their end hurt my heart so much. How did the game developers make me feel for them? The end of Xehanort even made me tear up. THEN Mr. Nomura had to go and kill me by making Sora fae like this was Infinity War. THE EPILOGUE AND THE SECRET ENDING HAD ME SHOOK. I can not believe Xigbar is Luxu and I hope Sora is returned.  


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