The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Audio Book Review

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton
Publication: September 18, 2018
Genre: Mystery
Rating: fourandahalfstars-02


17 hours, 13 minutes
The Rules of Blackheath:
Evelyn Hardcastle will be murdered at 11:00 p.m. There are eight days, and eight witnesses for you to inhabit. We will only let you escape once you tell us the name of the killer. Understood? Then let’s begin . . . 
Evelyn Hardcastle will die. Every day until Aiden Bishop can identify her killer and break the cycle. But every time the day begins again, Aiden wakes up in the body of a different guest. And some of his hosts are more helpful than others . . .

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This book is Clue on crack. I freaking loved it and in audio form it was unbelievable. I won’t say much because that takes away the mystery. A man wakes up with no memory except the name Anna on his lips. He thinks she’s been murdered in the woods so he walks back to a manor trying to gain some sense of recollection and with little help things become clear. He goes through the day and when he goes to bed he wakes up as someone else. Aiden Bishop takes a little bit but eventually thanks to the plague doctor, he comes to realize he will wake up every day as someone new until he solves the murder of Evelyn Hardcastle. But, he is not the only one. Two other people are also trying to escape and he has a man intent on trying to kill him in everybody he inhabits. With very little memory, a tricky murder to solve, no ways of escaping except the way he was told, and very few people to trust Aiden has a difficult eight days ahead of him. He cannot waste not one minute nor one body or he won’t make it out.

As you read this book (or in my case listen) the puzzle pieces fall into place and let me tell you it is a doozy. What is Blackheath? Who is the plague doctor? Who is Anna? Who keeps trying to kill him? How did Aiden end up there? Who is he really? Who killed Evelyn? And so on. So many questions that leave you guessing, forming ideas and plots and honestly you still get the shock of your life in the end lol. I love every twist and turn and how this book kept me on my toes. I never knew who to trust and in the end, really you can’t trust any one lmao. It is a wild ride of a book let me tell you. 


There are way too many people to try and explain but I will say I liked them ALL. Even the people who were meant to be unlikable. The author did such a great job of giving you a well-rounded group of people each with secrets and lies. There is so much scheming and plotting in this book it makes my head spin. Because Aiden inhabits these different men you can’t really get a grasp on who he is which is actually a plot point because who he was before he came to Blackheath is different than who he is by the end. I really love how each and every characters path cross and how they are interwoven in each other’s lives. 


I really love this author’s writing. I was hooked from the beginning and when the pace really kicked in early on I was done for. The timeline is interesting as well because Aiden goes back and forth between certain hosts and it was not confusing at all. The way this story is done could have been confusing and a mess but it was done so well.

Favorite Quotes
“How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home?”
“If this isn’t hell, the devil is surely taking notes.”
“Can’t you see, these masks we wear betray us. They reveal us.”
“We are never more ourselves than when we think people aren’t watching.”
“Too little information and you’re blind, too much and you’re blinded.”
“Anger’s solid, it has weight. You can beat your fists against it. Pity’s a fog to become lost within.”
“Nothing like a mask to reveal somebody’s true nature.”
“So many memories and secrets, so many burdens. Every life has such weight. I don’t know how anybody carries even one.”
“Life doesn’t always leave you a choice in how you live it.”
“Tomorrow, I’ll see his face in the mirror, and, somehow, I”ll have to make it mine. To do that, I need to start again, free of the past, free of him and the mistakes he made.
Instead of the impossible, I’ll need only to concern myself with the ordinary. The luxury of waking up in the same bed…. The luxury of sunshine. The luxury of honesty. The luxury of living a life…
Tomorrow can be whatever I want it to be, which means for the first time in decades, I can look forward to it. Instead of being something to fear, it can be a promise I make myself. A chance to be braver or kinder, to make what was wrong right. To be better than I am today.
Every day after this one is a gift.
I just have to keep walking until I get there.”
“What use is rearranging the furniture if you burn the house down doing it?”
“The Plague Doctor claimed Blackheath was meant to rehabilitate us, but bars can’t build better men and misery can only break what goodness remains. This place pinches out the hope in people, and without that hope, what use is love or compassion or kindness?”

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2 thoughts on “The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle Audio Book Review

  1. This book – it radiates a vibe of many mysteries! I have to say that I find that the characters, according to how you’ve described them, are amazing. It’s nice to have characters with unlikeable traits mixed in the character bag, if that makes sense. Nice post!

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