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I love Netflix. How about you? I could sit and watch it all day just like I can read all day. Today’s tag came from my friend’s blog Dorka. I saw it on her blog and so I knew I had to do this because hello Netflix and books are two of my favorite things. Enough with the chit-chat let’s get to the tag.border-04-06

Recently Watched: The last book you finished reading

King of Scars, The House of Hades, Shades of Magic #4

Top Picks: A Book/books that have been recommended to you based on books you have previously read

Since I loved the Lumatere Chronicles my friend Leenah recommended me a few Melina Marchetta books like On the Jellicoe Road (which I will read this year). Also, my friend Bri is a fellow romance lover so she recommended me a ton.

Recently Added: The last book you bought

Warrior of the Wild, Winter of the Witch, Kingdom of Copper, the Bane Chronicles, Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, Vein of Love, and Infini.

Popular On Netflix: Books that everyone knows about (2 you’ve read and 2 you have no interest in reading)

Two popular ones that I read were The Wicked King and King of Scars. Two I have no interest in are the Harry Potter Books and Sarah J. Mass books.

Comedies: A funny book

Percy Jackson and the Olympians and really every Rick Riordan book will literally have me laughing out loud. 

Dramas: A character who is a drama queen/king 

Rhy from Shades of Magic and Hypnos from the Gilded Wolves. But they are amazing drama queens. They have a flair for the dramatics and I love how ostentatious, ornate, and over the top they are. 

Animated: A book with cartoons on the cover


Watch It Again: A book/book series that you want to re-read

I recently did Percy Jackson and the Olympians and I am working through Heroes of Olympus, Bleed, Twisted, Testimony and I want to reread Shades of Magic trilogy, Six of Crows duology, Broken Empire trilogy, Wrath and the Dawn duology, Twilight series, Like Us trilogy, Song of Achilles, and the Lumatere Chronicles. 

Documentaries: A non-fiction book you’d recommend to everyone 

The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother. I read this long ago but I remember really loving it. 

Action and Adventure: An action-packed book

Vicious and Vengeful my deliciously evil books. 

New Releases: A book that just came out or will be coming out soon that you can’t wait for

Children of Virtue and Vengeance. 


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8 thoughts on “Netflix Book Tag

  1. So interesting that you don’t want to read Harry Potter! I personally never read the books as a kid, I kind of want in on the hype, but I think I’m too old now. I’ve recently read the first two books but they are so young and I just cant relate!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG!! I was obsessed with Alec and Magnus from the Shadowhunters series for SO LONG! They are like my favourite couple. They just click so well together!! xxxxxxxxxxxx ;D
    (Sorry about this. I fangirl over them whenever I see the title of the book)
    Alec and Magnus 4EVER!!

    Liked by 1 person

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