Guardian of the Auras (The Auras’ Chest, #1) ARC Book Review

Guardian of the Auras (The Auras’ Chest, #1) by Victoria Moschou
Publication: February 21st, 2019
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: twostars-02


Everyone is the villain in someone else’s story.
In a realm where hearts have been frozen for centuries, feelings are nonexistent and logic dominates. The unleashing of ancient emotions can either save or doom the entire realm. Aurora, the youngest Priestess of Rondure, finds out the Creators of her homeland, the divine Valiant Four, have weaved a different destiny for her from what she had in mind. For even though elemental magic is what her kin has been controlling for centuries now, there’s also a different, far more dangerous kind of magic, almost forgotten from the world. And she could be its master; if she manages to survive, of course! After a long and arduous journey, Aurora finds herself deep inside the forests of her realm, ready to enter a cave everyone seems to have forgotten. Inside that cave lies a box, a little chest, that when she opens it, all the Auras and feelings of the word are set free; and Aurora realizes this wasn’t what she was meant to do. Because feelings can be catastrophic to those who never learned to listen to their hearts…

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I want to thank the author for allowing me to read this book early with an advanced copy. Plot and characters were my biggest problem with this book. I really loved the concept and I could see where the author was taking the book but unfortunately I did not get it. I was very confused and the more I read the more confused I became. I understood what Aurora’s purpose was but that was about it. The book feels to be a pandora’s box retelling and Aurora has to find a way to get the feelings she unleashed back. While a fast-paced book is necessary for fantasy I think book might have been a bit too fast. A lot was happening at once and I was still trying to understand the man she met after she unleashed feelings. I think the book and author (I might be biased since she is a friend) have so much potential. Though this book did not resonate with me I will still be looking out for this author in the future and follow her work. 


Regarding the characters, I just did not connect with anybody. And the biggest one I was supposed to connect with is the main character and me and she did not click. I guess my issue was I just did not really care for her mission. Aurora didn’t make me feel like I should root for her. I think she needed more development.


Now, this I will say I did enjoy. I have read previous work by this author and I enjoyed them a lot. She has a book on Watpad that is so fun and cute. He writing has this whimsical magic too it that works really well with fantasy. The world she built was vivid and grand. I could picture the auroras being released and the landscape in my mind. Being a new author is hard and I commend Victoria for giving people ARCS of her book and finishing one. Writing is not easy and while I did not connect with this book it does not mean others won’t. Reading is subjective and everyone has their own feelings and opinions. 

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