2019 Bullet Journal Spreads

Every year I want to start creating a blog post in either January or February. I am going to explain the main set up and only one monthly set up because this year I did a minimalist style. I already have some ideas for 2020’s journal which I am excited about. 



The beginning is my 2019 quote page. Gotham is one of my favorite shows and Jerome is one of my favorite characters in the show. I really enjoyed this quote as an artist. I obviously know this quote isn’t about art really lol but it was fun and I liked it a lot. I used a spiral book this year just to try something different. I personally like both the spiral and the bound one both. I used these colorful pens from Amazon and a dotted book from Amazon as well. 


Page 1, 2, and 4 are my index, passwords, and money owed to me page. I am thinking that next year I will get rid of the index page and add markers on the side instead. I don’t go back to the index because I know where things are but the sidebars would help to get to the pages faster. I kept the design simple with script and dashes or flowers. The money page is really just for me because I need a place to keep track what money is owed to me lol.

Page 5, 6, and 8 are my birthdays, art projects, and Inktober pages. The birthday page is set up as one page since I don’t have many birthdays to write down. The art projects are filled with all of my plans that I am working on and stuff that I want to complete. The Inktober page is not completed because I am not sure what prompts I want to do for each page but they will be filled out before October. 

The next few pages consist of my shopping list for makeup, clothing, and misc things. Then we have a period tracker page which had been so helpful last year so I had to do it again. I am able to tell doctors when my last cycle is and it helps me to know when to expect my next cycle.

My monthly setups are simple and layout my haul, what art I will be doing for the month, what I watched, listened to, and read. The next page is my calendar where I put important events, appts., etc. and my habit tracker/tasks. 


After the months comes my roadmap for the year. On this page, I will have exactly everything that I am going to do each month. But this is meant for large events like sweet sixteens and weddings not small ones like birthday parties or BBQs lol. 

Up next is my yearly bucket list, life bucket list, and bookish bucket list. From the other two lists, I plan what I want to accomplish each year. For 2019 I plan to get my license, reach my goal weight of 125, visit a country, learn Spanish fluently, see Washington D.C., sell artwork, go to a shooting range, possibly go to a concert, do a buddy read, go to an author event (King of Scars), get a signed book (KOS), reach 1K followers, guest post on some blogs, make and sell book art, see a Shakespeare play (Henry V), and create blackout poetry. The bucket list is everything I want to accomplish in my life and the bookish one is blog stuff and all around book stuff I want to do.

After that, we have my blogging plan, ideas, and stats page. I planned out my whole year of blogging for my Monday and Friday posts. So far all my ideas have been put into my plan so I will fill out more after I get more. I am not huge on stats or obsessed with them but I like to see how I do. I can’t wait to see how I have increased since last year. I hope I do.

The last few pages are about what books I am buying which includes ones I have not read and then the ones I have but only read on ebook or audible. Then the TV shows I am making my way through, movies I want to see in 2019, movies that are older than 2019 that I need to see, 2019 music to listen to, music to buy, and quotes. Lastly, is my school schedule up until graduation.

That is my 2019 bullet journal set up. I hope you all loved this as much as I do. 


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15 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal Spreads

  1. I love these ideas! I’ve always thought bullet journals were a great way to keep track of things (which proves to be the case here). It also looks so lovely and can get the creative juices flowing, I suppose!

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