Shades of Magic #3: The Steel Prince Comic Review

Shades of Magic #3: The Steel Prince by V.E. Schwab

Publication: December 19th, 2018

Genre: Fantasy Comic

Rating: fivestars-02


Troubles arise for Prince Maxim when the notorious ship, the Iron Grip, docks at the Blood Coast. He discovers that in the past, Arisa, the Pirate Queen, has sadistically assaulted the local royal soldiery, leading to the demise of any troops that opposed her, and leaving only Isra alive. Maxim further learns that not only is Arisa a wielder of powerful forbidden bone magic, she is also Isra’s aunt. Under the cover of night, Isra moves alone to put an end to the Iron Grips moving into the town, but is stopped by Maxim. Together they venture into Verose in search of Arisa and her gang. In the Black Torch tavern, Arisa announces that she is holding a tournament in which the winner will earn a place on her ship, providing they first survive a match with her. In a moment of high tension, Isra loudly proclaims that she will join the tournament – for the sole reason of bringing Arisa to her knees…

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This will be short as are the others because this is an issue from a volume. In March a full bind-up of all four issues will be released and I am sure people will have long reviews lol. But I am seriously loving this comic series. I am excited because Schwab is writing more volumes. I think three in all but anyway this is so fun. The third issue is all about the fight between potential newcomers to join Arisa’s crew. But Isra and Maxim are taking part as well but not to get chummy with Arisa. They want to take her down but none more than Isra. Isra is ready to take down her aunt once and for all. To do that she has to defeat all the other contestants. Isra and Maxim are the final two and so Isra does all she can to be the remaining one. The issue ends with Isra being the final one standing and ready to face her aunt the ruthless Pirate Queen. I am so stocked to see how this volume wraps up in the fourth issue of this story. 

The color and look of the comic are so beautiful. I really love how the illustrator designed the fight scenes. I am not an avid comic reader so it was hard to get into at first but I love it a lot. It is making me interested in reading Manga. The comic is so on brand with the author as well so it is very fun. I am hoping we learn more about the magic system and how it comes back to the world since we see it in the original trilogy. If you loved the trilogy you must get into this comic series because it is a great insight into the world. 

Favorite Quotes
The winner gets a crack at Arisa. I’m simply doubling our chances.
Well, niece…you have my attention. You will regret that, when this is done. 

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