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New Year. New tag lol. I saw this tag over at Dorka’s blog Berries and Books. As many of you know, fantasy is my favorite genre. I love the otherworldly settings of these types of books and intense characters. The feeling of being in a whole new world to my own just by world-building excites me beyond measure. So, when I saw this tag I knew I had to give it a whirl. Enough with my rambling here is the Fantasy Fun Tag. 


What fantasy series would you want to be a part of? (You would be yourself, but a character in the series. Whether you survive would depend on your own abilities or abilities you could potentially learn in that world)

I will say four different worlds. One series is the Shades of Magic universe because of the magic and way antari can travel between world. I would obviously be like Kell. Secondly, I would adore being in the Cruel Prince faerie world because of the fae. Of course, I would be a fae because they are graceful and have hair that is always fabulous. Thirdly, I would be a part of Percy Jackson’s universe because hello demigods. According to the official test, I am a child of Hades so :). Lastly, I would join the Godskissed Continent world because of how different each country is. I would 100% be an assassin like Elen-ai turned bestie to the king. I would survive in each world because of my mad skills and clearly, I chose the best option for each. 

What type of fantasy being do you want to be? Could be a human-like one; Elf, Shadowhunter, wizard, OR a mythological creature like a dragon or unicorn.

It’s between a mage/wizard, a fae or a vampire. All of them have that extra something that is so amazing. Mages/wizards can do magic that is insanely dope (I personally would be an Elementalist mage). The faerie folk are stunning and also can do a bit of magic plus they are strong. Vampires are strong, fast, and literally beautiful. Plus, I love their eyes.

Living your everyday life, would you rather have magic powers or have a mythological creature for a pet/BFF? (For example, have a dragon you could ride around)

A mythological pet is cool but I would rather have powers because then I could conjure up a pet. I think I would conjure a pure black or midnight blue dragon.

Who is your favorite fictional dragon?

Smaug is the coolest dragon around. 

What is your favorite fantasy movie? (This, of course, includes movies where modern-day people end up in fantasy worlds)

Probably Lord of the Rings & the Hobbit. 

If you could pull any character out of a fantasy series, to live in the normal world (as your friend, or maybe love interest, who knows), who would you choose? (Note: this means they would no longer be in their book world–so think about what that might mean)

Kell, Cardan, or Kieran. I am sure I would pull others but they are the first ones to pop into my head lol. I would have fun with any of them plus they are beautiful so.

If you could make a supporting character in any fantasy series the protagonist of that series, who would you make the new star?

I think a series about Kieran would be so amazing. I love him a lot and his redemption was beautiful. Or I would have the Darkling become the main character because the main character was a snoozefest who complained and whined too much. 

I tag Michelle, Reg, Rae, Ariana, and Kristina.


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9 thoughts on “Fantasy Fun Tag

  1. This was incredibly fun to read, and I definitely agree that being a fae with always fabulous hair is such an attractive option! And honestly, Smaug would be the coolest dragon about (sometimes, I just still can’t get over how chill he is while talking to an invisible person who is most likely to meddle in his affairs and rob him of his gold). Brilliant answers to a fun tag!

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