Top 20 Movies of 2018

I am back and better than ever with a year-end list. This time I am tackling the top 20 movies of 2018. This was a pretty good year for movies but, I think last year was better for me and next year will be AMAZING. I didn’t get to see too many 2018 films and I did not get to see any December ones and some November ones like Mary Poppins, Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Beautiful Boy (WITH MY BOY TIMOTHEE), Widows, and Creed 2 which I am 100% sure all would have made my list 😦 I think I will start adding a top 20 year films and then a top 10 of favorites of any film I watch in the year that is new to me. As always this was not easy to narrow down but I did it. Here we go:

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7 thoughts on “Top 20 Movies of 2018

  1. I was pretty late to watch “To all the boys Ive loved before”.. but I finally did and I LOVED IT!! even recommended it to my bestfriend who don’t even know of the books πŸ˜‚

    Not too much a “superhero” person, but I quite like deadpool. Being Alex’s favorite, I opted to watch deadpool 2 with him- would definately go to all the others future ones ahah


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