The Book GIF Tag

Ello’ my pretties. I am doing a really cool tag today that I saw on Dreamland Book Blog. You get to see my feelings about certain books in GIF form. If you want me to do more then leave some books in the comments and I will do another post with your choices. 

The Book GIF Tag is very simple, really. I went to my Goodreads lists and chose the top books. Now my job is to find some appropriate GIFs to represent them/my feelings toward them. It originally goes that the person who tagged you chooses but I wasn’t tagged and the books that Dreamland chose I had not read. 


The Cruel Prince


My feelings @ Jude & Cardan and this whole crazy book. 

The Ruthless Land


That ending literally punched me in the face with feels.

Clockwork Princess


Jem, that is all. 

The Adventurer’s Guild


So shocked by how good this was.



This play was so dramatic dsk.fhbawljfba I loved it. 

To Kill a Mocking Bird


I hated this book.



Headaches people headaches.

Tiger’s Quest


This made me so mad lol.

The Serpent’s Shadow


I love the Kane Chronicles crew so much.

The Clique


These books made me laugh so hard when I was younger.


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4 thoughts on “The Book GIF Tag

  1. At first glance I thought this said The Book Gift Tag and I was like this looks fun and it’s the holidays. Then, I quickly scrolled down to see pics without reading and I got all confused with the gifs haha. Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me. Still seems like a pretty fun tag to do.

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