Always with You Book Review

Always with You by Talia Hibbert

Publication: November 16th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: fivestars-02


Can friendship survive desire? 
Jack Woodborough was eighteen years old when he fell in lust with the girl next door. Seven years later, sweet, shy Cassidy Thomas is still in his life—but Jack knows that all they’ll ever be is friends 
Until one red-hot, rainy night throws everything into question.
Cass didn’t mean to lose control, but she’s wanted Jack for seven long years. The attraction between them feels soul-deep, but with desire clouding her judgement, Cass doesn’t know what to do. 
Until she’s left to cope without the man she’s always been able to count on… 
When a relationship is thrown off-course, can it ever recover? 
Or will always be over before it’s really begun?

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Always With You is a short novella about friends to lovers. You can read it in one sitting and it’s very easy to read. The plot mainly takes place on Cassidy’s birthday night. She was at a birthday dinner that didn’t end in the most pleasant way. Her best friend Jack comes to check on her and the night turns a little better. This is really short and it’s mostly Jack and Cassidy having a lovely birthday night if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Jack is a really loving a caring guy who has always been attracted to Cassidy but he never want to cross any boundaries. Cassidy is a sweet and fun girl who always found Jack attractive but she also never wanted to cross any boundaries. This is an interracial couple story as with all of Hibbert’s amazing stories. 

The relationship between Jack and Cassidy is really sweet and sexy. Jack takes good care of her and how it unfolds is adorable. I really enjoy Hibbert’s work and I think this would’ve been a fun full novel and maybe one day she will explore that. My only complaint is how short it was lol. I wanted to get to know them to know Jack and Cassidy more and how they work but it was still really enjoyable. If you are looking for a cute and sexy romance that is a quick and easy read check this book out. 

Favorite Quotes
And recently, she’d found Jack’s smile to be…Disquieting. Yes. That was the best word for it. Because if she allowed herself to think that it was arousing, her early quarter-life crisis would be well and truly complete.
…But for some reason, Jack found himself wanting to trace the beads of moisture with his tongue. 
“Cass,” he said slowly. “I’m probably not…What you’re used to. I won’t hurt you. But I can’t be gentle.”

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