Operation Atonement Book Review

Operation Atonement by Talia Hibbert

Publication: October 20th, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: fourstars-02


Redemption ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. 
The minute foul-mouthed Irishman Adam McLoughlin sees Dionne Pryce, he knows that he’s a goner. The ex-glamour model has curves for days and an attitude to match, and her ridiculous stilettos do funny things to his insides. 
He makes it his mission to have her.
But Dionne isn’t interested in being had. She’s spent her whole life running from love, and now she’s busy cleaning up the messes left in her wake. In fact, she has a mission of her own: Operation Atonement. And even the fiercely sexy Adam can’t distract her.
…Or can he?

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Operation Atonement is a short free novella that people get from Talia Hibbert’s VIP mailing list. This story is all about a girl looking for redemption for a life she lived and a guy who wants to give her the world. It’s very short and simple. I enjoyed how easy it was to read but how it also still has a depth to it. It was a love at first sight in the book but it wasn’t bad because it was a short plot so it can’t exactly be a slow burn. It was cute and you’re probably wondering why I gave it four stars instead of five like usual. It’s because for me it was too short lol so I couldn’t fall in love with Adam and Dionne’s story like I wanted to. But, the story was so fun and simple. I will 100% read it on days that I am looking for something light and fluffy. 


Adam is a tough Irishman who will do anything for the people he loves, including pretending to be gay for his best friend at a class reunion. He immediately falls for Dionne and her sharp features and quick wit. Dionne is a curvy black girl with an infectious attitude who is trying to rebuild her life from the mistakes she has made. She has some lust for Adam and wants to get to know him but doing that will get in the way of her Operation Atonement. I think my favorite thing about these characters is that when they fought Dionne was the one to apologize. I liked that because she was the one to hurt him. 


Soft, sexy, sweet. That is the perfect way to describe Adam and Dionne. They had such soft moments and when they had some heart to heart, I melted. They also had some sexy times that made me weak. And lastly, those sweet nothings had me swooning. They cared about each other and they loved each other. It was fast but my heart beat faster. 

Favorite Quotes
Ohh, this one was f****** trouble. And he would have her.
“How far up does it go?” She raised a brow. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” “Yeah,” he said. “I really f****** would.”
“You’re something else, sweetheart. I don’t understand what you do to me, but I like it. I want to stick around and let you do it again and again.”
Leaning down, he whispered his truth into her ear. “If we do this now…you’re mine. Tell me you understand.”
“Or I could get on my knees and worship you.”


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