Black Roses Book Review

Black Roses by Franny J

Publication: August 29th, 2018

Genre: Urban Fiction

Rating: threestars-02


What does love really intel? Trust, commitment, passion, and sometimes, even a little heartbreak. Serenity Davids fell in love, she felt all those things and so much more. When Serenity falls in love, she falls hard, and drama quickly starts seeking its way back into her life, trying desperately to tear her entire world apart. After an abusive relationship with her ex, Derek, that led to a rough breakup, Serenity always kept her guard up and rarely showed any interest in relationships ever again. That is until Marcus Simmons happened.
Marcus had everything he felt he needed…Except for a woman to hold him down. It wasn’t until he met Serenity that he knew she was the woman he needed in his life, but every blessing comes with a price. As Serenity and Marcus grow closer, an old flame by the name of Derek tries to intervene and sabotage what the budding couple is trying to build. Secrets are revealed, alliances are tested, and relationships are almost brought to their breaking point. Can this Black Rose also grow from the concrete of pain it’s been sheltered in and flourish? Or will its thick thorns forever remain rooted in its deep-seated grief?

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This is my best friends first published book. Urban fiction is not a genre I tend to read but my best friend did a good job and I am proud of her. For a first time author, Franny kept me interested. Black Roses is told in six points of view. We get to know Serenity, Marcus, Breanna (Bre Bre), Malikye (Moose), Czar (Cz), and Hazel. Three couples who live in New York just trying to make it day by day. The plot is really just that of a contemporary novel. It’s about three couples navigating different relationships in everyday life. Serenity is dealing with the effects of an ex who used to abuse her and Marcus is showing her that he won’t hurt her. Breanna is a virgin getting to know Malikye who is far more experienced than her. And Hazel and Czar are “complicated”. This was a quick and easy read that I finished in a day.


Serenity had an abusive relationship with a guy named Derek. She falls in love hard when she gets into a relationship and she thought he was a good guy. She hasn’t dated in years because she has been too afraid to be with anyone. But, insert Marcus. Marcus is strong-minded and cares deeply for those he loves. He doesn’t know all about Serenity’s past but he is willing to wait for her and ready to take care of her. Hazel is a wild girl who loves to have a good time. She’s in a situationship with Czar who really likes her but isn’t sure what they are. Then we have Breanna and Malikye who are both tough and strong-minded people. They clash a lot but Malikye is very sweet and patient with her. The characters are funny as hell and close friends. The only issue is they are all very similar in characteristics and voice. It’s hard to describe them for that reason. But I love the friendship dynamics between the group.


The writing is pretty good for a debut novel. There is room for improvement but with time, I have no doubt she will get better. The voice of the characters are very similar so they read the same. The grammar could use some work but it wasn’t terrible. Also, the sex scenes could be cringy at times but that really isn’t something to fault the author for. A lot of new authors struggle with writing those scenes. There are times where it is good and other times not so good.


The relationships were cute. I think my favorite was Bre and Malikye. Both male and females were pretty dominant actually. They weren’t couples I could connect with but I did enjoy reading about them. The story ended on a cliff-hanger and I am ready to see where the next part of their journey goes.


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