Sick Fux Book Review

Sick Fux by Tillie Cole

Publication: October 7th, 2017

Genre: Dark Romance

Rating: twoandahalfstars-02


When Ellis Earnshaw and Heathan James met as children, they couldn’t have been more different. Ellis was loud and beautiful – all blond hair, bright laughs and smiles. Heathan was dark and brooding, and obsessed with watching things die. 
The pair forged an unlikely friendship, unique and strange. Until they were ripped apart by the sick cruelty of others, separated for years, both locked in a perpetual hell. 
Eleven years later, Heathan is back for his girl. Back from a place from which he thought there was no return. Back to seek revenge on those who wronged them. 
Time has made Heathan’s soul darker, polluted with hatred and the thirst for blood. 
Time has made Ellis a shell of her former self, a little girl lost in the vastness of her pain. 
As Heathan pulls Ellis out of her mental prison, reviving the essence of who she once was, down the rabbit hole they will go. 
With malice in their hearts and vengeance in their veins, they will seek out the ones who hurt and destroyed them. 
One at a time. 
Each one more deadly than the last. 
Tick Tock. 

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*This book is very dark and has some very triggering content. I almost couldn’t finish. I only did because I wanted to see the demise of certain people. I will mention the triggers here so that you can exit this post if the topics are too harmful for you. Please be careful. Triggers: Child rape, child abuse, drugs, drugging children, references to pedophilia, murder, explicit sexual situations, violence, offensive language, edge play/blood play, mental illness*


This book is nasty. I almost stopped because honestly anything happening to kids in any capacity that is harmful makes my blood boil. But this was a revenge plot and I wanted to know if the men who did this sick harm would meet their end. This story follows Ellis/Dolly and Heathan/White Rabbit. They met as children when he went to live with his father because his mom was scared of his fascination with death. Ellis lived next to him in her father’s estate with her ‘uncles’ (business partners to the father). They grew very close even though Heathan never let anyone in he let her in. When his father died Heathan moved into Elli’s estate and that’s when life changed for them. He was nine-years-old when he was brought to her father and his partners. They got him drunk and did things that no kids should have to ever go through. Heathan learned this was something they did to multiple children and they paid off many people to do it. But, then Heathen found out that it happened to Ellis on her birthday and he killed one of them. They got him thrown into an underground prison of sorts where disgusting men like them pay off someone to handle their problems. Fast forward years later and Heathan breaks out with two men and he has a plan for the men who harmed him, Ellis, and all those kids. When he finds her again, Ellis is a shell of the girl she once was. The men broke her and she was lost in her head. Heathan had to bring her back but, she came back as Dolly. They go on a killing spree to hurt the men who hurt them. 

There are some uncomfortable scenes in this book. It’s not an easy read at all. But, it’s weird because they are killers but you root for them because they are killing disgusting pedophiles. It’s strange because I wanted to stop reading but I had to know how it ended. They both kind of take on these personas but he knows he is still Heathan he just let that boy go. While she thinks Dolly and Ellis are two different people.


While Dolly is more sensitive, both Dolly and Rabbit are very dark. She became that way because of her childhood and while there is something that triggered it for him before he met Ellis, he was always dark. They only kill the men who did the wrong and anyone who enabled those men but they love killing. They partake in dark sex, edge play, and blood play. They are intense and they have an intense, obsessive, controlling relationship. But neither is innocent in retrospect really. Dolly is sweeter and innocent but killing brings out a darker side of her. She can be very violent and ruthless. Rabbit is intense x 1000. He has no innocence left but she brings out softer sides of him at times that even shock him. Neither deserved what happened to them as children and it’s actually really heartbreaking. They rely on only each other and will do anything for the other. 


This was not my particular speed or cup of tea. The blood and edge play was highly intense but I am not judging. Everyone has their interests I just couldn’t get into it that much. I wanted them to be free from their past in the end, but I wasn’t invested in their relationship. It is very potent and wow. I don’t know how to describe them besides intense. They would die for the other and kill for each other. I imagine this is how Bonnie and Clyde were like relationship wise. 

Favorite Quotes
A path of destruction no one saw coming; the sweetest, most violent deaths carried out with the gentlest of smiles on our faces and the utmost hell in our hearts. Heathan James was never the light in my life, but instead a heavy eclipse, blotting out the sun and anything bright, bringing with him endless, eternal night and murderous tar-black blood pumping through my veins. Heathan James was the genesis of my soul’s reawakening . . . a soul not meant for peace, but one handcrafted for death and murder and blood and bones . . . Soulmates forged in fire, under the watchful gaze of Satan’s mocking eyes. Heathan. Ellis. Just a couple of sick f** . . .
“Dolly and Rabbit. Alice followed the rabbit down the rabbit hole. He took her to Wonderland. He took her from her dull world and into one of bright colors and magical creatures.” I squeezed my doll. “And now I have met you. Have you come to show me a new world?”
“You mean something,” I said through gritted teeth. “You ain’t like everyone else. I couldn’t give a f*** about anyone else. Not a single f****** soul . . . only you.”
We plan for the day we once again see the sun and seek revenge on those who thought they could hide us from the world.
Unleash the anger only on those who deserve it. Let it build within your heart like a well swelling with water . . . then unleash hell on those who took your freedom.
“You’re f****** insane!” the Caterpillar said as she danced past him. Dolly stopped dead and whirled to face him. I held my breath, waiting for her reaction, braced to watch the beauty of her wrath unleash. Instead she got right in his face and said, “Didn’t you know? All the best people are!”
“He will awaken, through blood, what lies dormant in her soul. The darkness that had lurked hidden for years, sleepily waiting for the time to strike. To be born.”
“A queen bows to no one,” I said, and Dolly’s face transformed. It lit with light and color. Dolly always belonged in color. Bending down, level with her eyes, I said, “Especially to her king.”
As I ran, I fixed my hat back on my head and thought, The Mad Hatter. After all this time . . . . . . finally.
 Then I waited. I waited for the White Rabbit . . . my White Rabbit . . . to signal the start of our new adventure. I watched him, breath held. Watched as a slow, vicious grin pulled on his lips. Watched as he reached into his waistcoat and pulled out his pocket watch. My heart raced as he looked into my eyes. I locked my stare on him as he raised the watch to his ear. Tapped on the metal. And with malice in his heart and darkness in his veins, smiled and said, “Tick tock.”


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