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Hi. Hello. How are you? How do you feel? Funny you say that because today’s tag is all about THE FEELS. The Book Feels Tag to be exact. This was created by Taylor from Tay’s Infinite ThoughtsI was tagged by the super sweet Michelle from First Book Love. Check her out if you have not yet done so. Like she said, there aren’t any rules except linking back to the person who tagged you and the creator.

A Book/series that made you smile or laugh


These are sort of three different series but it is one continuous storyline so for me, it is all the same. The first 10 books are about three couples from late teens to adult life (30-40 ish). The last three are the start of the Like Us series which now focuses on the children of those couples (the kids are different ages ranging from teens to young adults). These books are so good and make me smile and laugh so many times. I recommend this series 100%.

A Book/series that made you sad or want to cry


The Song of Achilles was not overtly sad but it made me tear up. I hated how amazing Miller was with words to the point where I knew what would happen but I still was not ready for it. I was hoping the ending would be different but it was still bittersweet. I love this book so much.

A Book/series that you love


I will forever love the Percy Jackson/Heroes series. This is like my first answer as in it is two different series but one continuous storyline. Riordan creates a story filled with adventures, laughter, romance (light), and diversity.

A Book/series that you didn’t particularly like

Gwendolyn Gray Cover-Final

This book was not horrible or the worst by any means but if I never read it I wouldn’t care. It was not something I terribly enjoyed. It was cute and had its moments but I could do without it.

A book/series that was made into a movie that you liked


I loved these books as movies so much. They are one of my favorites but I did not care for the books as much. I felt that the stories were boring and had considerably less action so I was thankful for what the movies did.

A book/series that was made into a movie that you didn’t like


I enjoyed these movies as movies but they were terrible as adaptions. I know movies take out some things but good grief they took out practically everything. The ages were off, they took out so many amazing moments, and this series deserved better.

A book/series you have mixed feelings about


This was a great story but it was slow. So, on one hand, I love the plot and characters but on the other hand, the pace made it a bit of a chore to read.

A book/series you haven’t read but are totally excited about


I read the prequel novella to this series and I have been hooked ever since. I am so excited to read this series and I just know it will be amazing.

A book/series that made you angry


I love this series but so many moments aggravated me and so many characters.

A book/series you feel like you can relate to


It is not the whole story but the person Rose Cobalt and her relationship with Connor Cobalt. I relate to a lot of things and how they raise their kids in Some Kind of Perfect.


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