The Longest Book Tag

Ello’ beauts. I was tagged by my friend Candyce & Isabelle from The Book Dutchess to do the Longest Book Tag. Contrary to the name of this tag it is not a book tag with tons of questions. This tag is all about the longest books on your shelf. 

To do this tag you have to:

  • Show the five biggest books on your shelves that you have read and tell a bit about them.
  • Show the two biggest books on your TBR and explain what your expectations are.
  • Last but not least, tag a few bloggers to do this tag!

1) Insomnia- 890 Pages


The story is all about what the title says. A man who has trouble sleeping to the point where he can’t sleep at all. During his late nights, he starts to see hallucinations and visions. Things take a sinister turn and life for Ralph Roberts is not the same. I read this book on my bus trips back and forth to college. It is such a good book and for those who love mystery, thriller, and slight horror you WILL love this book as much as I did. Fun fact this was my first Stephen King book.

2) Breaking Dawn- 756 Pages


Oh, be still my heart. When I was in eighth grade this book was everything. I know a lot of people trash them but I love them. The drama, the cliches, the sparkly vampires, all of it. I was and still am 100% Team Edward. I don’t think I need to explain the books too much but this series is all about a mortal girl getting caught up in a supernatural world and craziness and romance ensues. 

3) City of Heavenly Fire- 725 Pages


This is also part of a series and I am pretty sure EVERYONE knows what these are about. I have a love-hate relationship with these books because I loved certain books and disliked others. But this one I loved. It was an amazing close to the series and kicked my emotions all over the damn place. Plus this series brought me one of the greatest villains/my love Sebastian Morgenstern. This series is all about a seemingly mortal girl turned Shadowhunter who gets caught up in the supernatural and romance/craziness ensues. 

4) Lord of Shadows- 701 Pages


This series is one of best by Cassandra Clare and I loved the characters. The premise is the same as TMI but obviously, the story and details are different. I love the characters and the plot twists really leave me speechless. The love of my life Kieran is from this series and I love everything about him and no slander will be excepted in this house. I won’t explain the next one because it’s the same thing lol.

5) Lady Midnight- 698 Pages



1) Tiger’s Dream- 806 Pages


I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! This is the final installment in the Tiger’s Curse series and I am highly anticipating this book. I saw some complaints but I am still excited. I don’t think it will beat the last book because the ending wrapped up perfectly and this is kind of like an add-on but I think it will be a nice addition. I am stoked.

2) Queen of Air and Darkness- 720 Pages


The end of a trilogy and all I can say is I am ready for my heart to be ripped out and hopefully put back together. I just need Kieran, Kit, Ty, and Emma to be happy and for Zara’s life to be ended. Also if something happens to my girl Clary I and Jace will riot!


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5 thoughts on “The Longest Book Tag

  1. Cassandra Clare’s books on this list are really huge compared to the others! Random Shadowhunter thing, but I really like reading The Shadowhunter’s Codex. It leaves me with a sense of longing for adventure (but yet if I was a shadowhunter, I doubt I’d survive three days). My first Stephen King was The Shining and it creeped me out real bad, but I enjoyed it really much. Maybe I should give Insomnia a try (flashes forward to me after reading the book and huddled in the bed with all lights on)

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