Sweet on the Greek (Just for Him #3) Book Review

Sweet on the Greek (Just for Him #3) by Talia Hibbert

Publication: July 20th, 2018

Genre: NA Romance

Rating: fivestars-02


The only thing he can’t do is lose. 
For millionaire footballer Nikolas Christou, one look is all it takes: the minute he sees Aria Granger, he’s a goner. Playboy Nik knows lust—intimately—but his need for Aria goes far beyond that. Of course, the plus-sized beauty isn’t interested in romance… but Nik isn’t interested in giving up. 
Aria Granger has sworn off relationships for her own good. After all, her ex nearly murdered her best friend, so clearly, her taste is questionable. When charming, gorgeous Nik bounds into her life, Aria can’t decide if he’s as innocent as he seems… or if her bullsh*t-ometer is broken. 
The super-sweet sports star claims he needs a fake girlfriend to protect him from ‘misunderstandings’. And Aria, with her tattoos, piercings and dangerous scowl, fits the bill. But there’s no way a guy as handsome as Nik can be that bad at handling relationships. 
Can he? 

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Aria has some questionable taste in men but really it is not her fault. She has a heart of gold and a trusting heart. She sees the good in people and doesn’t assume the worst. So, no. It’s not her fault Simon was a psycho who kidnapped her best friend Jennifer and tried to kill her. Jenn is doing fine and getting married. Everyone has moved on and Aria is planning the wedding. So, why can’t she believe it’s not her fault? Why can’t she accept it wasn’t her fault that she loved a man who wanted to murder her best friend? The only solution is to stop trusting he judgment and stay away from men. While in Greece, Nikolas is running away from a girl who just can’t take no for an answer. As a man who has only had one passion, Nikolas is not sure what to do now that his career in football is over. With a busted knee, he needs to find something to do. He is a kind man who truly hates to hurt people and can’t say no. So when he sees his friend Keynes and a woman so striking in a corner, he thinks of nothing else but to ask them to kiss him so the one chasing him will go away. It works but now he can’t stop thinking of that woman Aria who kissed him like nothing else. He finds her and does the only thing his brain can think of. Come up with a plan so she will never leave him alone. When she suggests that he wants her as a fake girlfriend bodyguard he goes with it. And. Ok. Yes. Not his best plan but he sucks at relationships and he will do anything to have this woman. So off they go to a week filled with friends and nothing bad can go wrong. This book is a trip. It is so funny. I loved this duo and how clueless Nik was. He is a ball of fluff, to be honest. And Aria’s constant monologues of I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO NIK. LOOK AT HOW NOT ATTRACTED I AM. OK. YES. WE ARE IN BED ALONE WITH NO ONE AROUND BUT, THIS IS STRICTLY FOR FAKE GIRLFRIEND PURPOSES. 


Nikolas is so sweet and endearing it made my heart hurt. Everything about him is so genuine it actually was unbelievable. He even came up with a safeword for Aria incase anything made her uncomfortable. He asked no questions. He would just stop and let her be. The way he cared about her was so cute. He struggles with finding himself and his passion. He is genuinely a great person. He barely even gets mad. Aria has a rougher past. She is someone who needs affection and admiration. She wants someone to love and to lover her in turn. She struggles with accepting that just because she is trusting that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with her. She doesn’t need to change. The secondary cast is so funny as always and I love how everyone interacts together.


This romance made me happy because of how caring Nik was. No matter what she said the safeword for, he would back off and let her have her moment. He never pushed her into anything and he truly loved her from the start. It was instant on his side but her side was more of a slow-burn. I really liked it because many romance books are the other way around. Also, I loved how she defended his honor when Baxter tried to shame him because he was bi. I also loved how even though he was good and he didn’t mean to lie there were repercussions for him. She didn’t forgive him right away and he had to work for it. This was just so cute.

Favorite Quotes
Keynes gave in and allowed himself a full-blown smirk. At any other time, Nik might pause to admire the lips involved in that smirk. The man as a whole was worthy of admiration, actually; he looked like a model. But that didn’t matter, because Nik was putting his days of carefree sluttery behind him. Tragic.
That grin was giving him ideas. But, worse than that, something about her was giving him f****** heart palpitations. He couldn’t even describe the feeling that overtook him at the sight of her.
When she didn’t answer, he turned to Keynes. “Or you. If you’re into that.” He knew very well that Keynes was into that, but the woman beside him might not. Keynes gave him a slow, catlike smile. “I certainly am.” He stepped forward, hooked an arm around Nik’s shoulders, and kissed him.
She also couldn’t complain when one of his hands began to roam, sliding down the small of her back, skipping her arse—boo!—but grabbing her thigh—yay!—and dragging her leg high.
He briefly fantasized about licking off the smudge of scarlet jam hovering at the edge of her lip, then decided that would be coming on too strong.
He really had no idea why people apparently found her intimidating. She was adorable. And lickable. And funny. And so, so lickable. He dropped the cheese.
“There is nothing cliché about you,” he murmured. As soon as the words left his mouth, he realised he’d said them all wrong. They were too fervent, too earnest, too f****** obvious. But her self-deprecation made him want to outline her perfection in detail. With his tongue. Between her legs. Just an idea.
Nikolas Christou did not give up. Ever. He certainly wasn’t going to start by giving up on her.
It was easy to forget that she could feel something so mundane, because everything about Aria was bold and fearless—but their situation was pretty f****** weird, and she had vulnerabilities like everyone else. She must. Despite how perfect he found her, she was only human.
She thought his mouth was filthy, but she’d die if she heard him thinking about what else would make those lips shine.
“Just because you aren’t on the same page, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the book together.”
She peered at him closely as he actually stammered. Nik Christou was lying beside her, cheeks flushed, fumbling for words as if he were a normal human being instead of a millionaire pro football player who could cosplay Adonis with nothing but a gold laurel.
“It sounds like you were vulnerable. But that’s okay. You don’t learn how to ride a bike without falling.”
She laughed—the best f****** laugh he’d ever heard, like a waterfall of freedom with a stormy edge of lust…
“You can shut me up when we’re in bed,” he said mildly. “You can suffocate me with all that, if you want.”
He couldn’t speak. If he did, she’d hear the truth in his voice, hear the fact that he loved her in every crack and waver. So, instead, he kissed her, and hoped she wouldn’t taste it on his tongue.
“S’agapó,” he breathed. I love you. She sank her teeth into his shoulder for a second, then gave a ragged moan. “I’m going to come.” “S’agapó. S’agapó. Ti mou ékanes, agápi mou?” What have you done to me, my love?
“Deviant activities?!” he echoed in mock outrage. “I think you mean love-making, Aria. Very meaningful love-making.”
She skimmed her hands over her thighs and he grunted out a curse; she spun around and soaped up her arse, and he banged a fist against the door. “You want me to come in now,” he said, desperation lurking beneath his confident tone.
It was strange, to be like this, to feel like this—near frantic with lust, mindless with need—and love her at the same time. He’d never had this before, want and adoration intertwined. Not until her. He liked it. He loved it. He never wanted to lose it. He couldn’t lose her.
“Of course you are. I’m handsome and funny and charming—ow!” He scowled as she flicked his forehead, hard. “Do you mind? I’m trying to list my many excellent qualities, here.”
“Behave.” “I’d rather not.” “Kiss me, then.” “Now that,” Nik grinned, “I can do.”


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