Undone by the Ex-Con (Just for Him #2) Book Review

Undone by the Ex-Con (Just for Him #2) by Talia Hibbert

Publication: January 2nd, 2018

Genre: NA Romance

Rating: fivestars-02


To protect her brother, Lizzie must seduce the man she despises…
Isaac Montgomery is a killer. A savage. He doesn’t belong in the glittering world of high-society, but somehow, that’s where he’s ended up. 
After all, he’s been through, it should take more than a prima ballerina with a cut-glass accent to get under his skin. But when Isaac meets Lizzie Olusegun-Keynes, he doesn’t just lose his cool. He f$*king melts.
Lizzie is losing control of her body, her life—and her desires. She shouldn’t want a man like Isaac, a man who’s rough and coarse and forceful, but the lust that sparks between them is impossible to ignore.
When a sinister power threatens Lizzie’s beloved brother, the decision is taken out of her hands. Like it or not, she’s forced to get close to Isaac.
There’s only one problem: she’s starting to fall for the brooding ex-con.
The ex-con she has to betray.

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These Just for Him books are dangerous my gosh lol. I was not expecting these books to be on the more intense side but I adore them. Issac is an ex-con who became a published author with a book about his conviction. Lizzie is a ballerina who had to quit after finding out she has type one diabetes. When she meets Issac, he comes prancing into her in-home class and she can’t stand the sight of him. How dare he interrupt her class AND be sexy as hell. Issac hates this ballerina the moment he sees her. Women like her hate when people from nowhere come out on top. But both of them are not what the other seems. Unbeknownst to Issac, his publisher threatens Lizzie’s brother and the only way to protect him is by manipulating information out of Issac. I love this plot because it has the power imbalance but it leans more towards the girl actually. Lizzie holds a lot of power over Issac and it’s an interesting twist. I was on edge quite a bit with this book because I was always wondering when all the secrets would come out. 


Issac is my child. There is so much more to him than people see. And a lot of the stuff in his past are not what they seem. I loved how tough he was but also the biggest softie. He struggles a lot with his publisher and he is not a very trusting person. He has a huge heart and deserves the world. Lizzie has her own fair share of secrets and issues. She doesn’t want her brother to know about her diabetes because he will stop everything to help her. She struggles with losing her passion because of the illness. And now her employer/Issac’s publisher is blackmailing her to protect her brother. She is a headstrong woman and I liked her character a lot. Talia writes characters that have a lot of depth to them and jumps off the page. Also, we get to see some new and old characters. 


This story is very instant but as with all of Hibbert’s novels, there is a lot of depth. And just because there is instant attraction don’t think the love comes right away. There is a lot of hurdles that have to get worked through. The sex as always is written really well and enjoyable. The power imbalance worked its way into the romance and it was so interesting. Reading about the girl making the guy beg or kneel is quite interesting. 

Favorite Quotes
But he was filthy f****** rich, too, and over the course of the last three years, he’d confirmed what he’d always suspected: money could buy happiness. Or safety, at least, which was close enough.
Men of a certain class, Isaac knew, were raised to talk as much s*** as possible; to pour bollocks in each others’ ears as a mark of respect. In Isaac’s world, respect was a far more complicated matter, and silence was golden. Not to mention safe. 
How refreshing it felt to let her body exist without conforming to anyone else’s standards—functional or aesthetic.
She was drinking from a child’s juice carton, for Christ’s sake—and still, he felt as if he should bow down before her.
Here was a woman who had never struggled for anything. She expected the world, and through sheer force of will, she would have it.  He knew this in an instant, and he hated her for it.
Probably because he knew firsthand how easily silence became an unwanted habit. 
Of course, because he left in such a rush, Isaac failed to notice the smile on Mark’s face. But if he had, he would have been worried. Because it was the smile of a predator.
“Does that bother you?” He spoke without thinking. “You bother me.” “And God forbid anything get under your skin,” she whispered. It was treacherous, that whisper. It made him want to lean in. To watch the way her lips kissed each consonant. “Bet I bother you too,” he whispered back. “People like you—you don’t like it when guys like me end up on top.”
“You are the best torturer I’ve ever known,” he said softly.
How could a woman who despised him make him feel like a king with nothing more than the brush of her lips, the flick of her tongue, the pull of her hands on his shirt?
How the f*** could this woman, out of every woman on earth, be the one he’d waited a lifetime to touch?
And then… Lord, then. He smiled. She’d never seen him smile. And although she’d noticed the lack, Lizzie had never dreamed that his grin, when it finally came, would be so breathtaking, so unexpectedly sweet. Adorable, unguarded and surprisingly mischievous, as though there was a little boy hiding somewhere inside that terrifying mountain of a man. “All this time,” she said. “You’ve been glaring and moping and brooding in silence, and all this time you had a smile like that?”
“On your knees.” He sank down to the floor before her. Didn’t even pause to consider what he was doing. If he had, he’d have been horrified; Isaac Montgomery did not kneel. Not in spirit, and certainly not in f****** body. Not for anyone. Not even for her.
“Alright,” he acquiesced, his breathing harsh. “Alright. I want to touch you. I want to taste you. I want to make you come. Let me.”
“Yeah. People deserve apologies. We don’t deserve forgiveness. It’s not an exchange.”
“You don’t need fixing,” he said. “That sounds like Mother. Not everything needs to be fixed, Liz. Some things just need to be taken care of.”
Wasn’t it funny how the things that seemed so difficult often turned out to be so easy?
You. Only you do this to me. Only you make me so hungry and yet so satisfied. You.
When you’d touched the moon itself, would moonlight still be enough to move you? Or would it feel like an insult?
He climbed off the bed and stood up, taking a moment to admire her, laid out before him like an unwrapped gift.
Some people—people who’d never sinned a day in their lives—might have the right to be so high and f****** mighty.
“There’s no such thing as clean money, Olu,” she gritted out. “Profit always hurts somebody.
I want to give people the tools they need to walk away from the life’s darker paths. So I think the real Isaac Montgomery is… human. And trying. And hopeful.


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