Bad for the Boss (Just for Him #1) Book Review

Bad for the Boss (Just for Him #1) by Talia Hibbert

Publication: November 3rd, 2017

Genre: NA Romance

Rating: fivestars-02


Nobody tells him no. Until her.
Theodore Chamberlain is known for his laser focus and blunt demands—in the boardroom and the bedroom. The anti-social businessman has one aim in life: success. And nothing will get in his way.
Not even a new employee with a sweet smile, a smart mouth, and knock-out curves.
Jennifer Johnson knows better than anyone that life is tough. Why make things worse by risking the job she desperately needs for a lust that can’t last? Her boss may be hotter than hell—but Jen’s the one who’d end up burned.
When a threat from Jen’s past resurfaces, she’s forced to reconsider. Because her powerful boss might just be her only protection.
Can Theo save Jennifer from the evil that stalks her, or is time running out for this happily ever after?
And will Jen remain a good girl with a rebel’s heart… Or will she give in to her desire and be bad for the boss?

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In the first book in the Just for Him series, we follow Theo and Jennifer as they navigate the difficulties of an office relationship. If power imbalance is not your thing then this might not be your speed. But there is no ABUSE at all on Theo’s end so don’t think the power imbalance is abusive or unhealthy. Theo is a man of power, stature, and money. What he wants he gets. When he gets an odd but somewhat funny email from a female employee about a man bothering her he has to know her. Jennifer is being harassed AGAIN by an annoying male employee and she wants to let out her frustration. So, she emails her supervisor Priyanka to unleash her words. When she gets an email in response to her email her world comes crashing down. She knows for a FACT she emailed Priyanka and NOT the CEO of the company. From there on out Theo will stop at nothing to have this woman who sets his blood on fire like no one else. But office relationships, especially one with the boss, are never easy and with Jennifer’s past looming over her head things are about to get rocky. But Theo is determined and he has a contract in hand with all the do’s of how to sue him to give some of the power back to Jen. It’s freaking adorable. I like how different this series feels to Hibbert’s other ones. The men are still super sweet and adorable but there is more danger in the character’s past and the men are more on the wealthy side as well as the some of the girls. I just love the push and pull of the power in this book between Theo and Jennifer. 


Theo Chamberlain is a half-Chinese man with wealth and power on his side. He is a man who has little need for humor and has razor-sharp focus. He doesn’t socialize with anyone in the office save for his business partner. He is known in the office for his terrifying temper. But while Theo can be all of that he is also someone who will do anything for those he loves, like his sister Yen and friend Keynes. He actually can be slightly insecure at times. Relationships are not on the menu for him except maybe until the moment Jennifer steps into his office. Jennifer Jhonson is a fierce woman with some dangerous curves. She is described as fat and I LOVE that the author didn’t make it another story about a fat girl who hates herself. I have seen many people complain about this and I am here to say Jennifer loves herself. She is all about her business and does what she needs to get the job done. She has a traumatic past but doesn’t let it stop her from continuing on with life even on the toughest days. She is hilarious. Their banter is so funny and their romance is sexy. 


There is slight BDSM in the relationship in the bedroom only. It was handled really well and made my heart soar. The steamy parts started earlier in this book than the previous books but it made sense with the storyline. Can I just say I love how every book with an office couple has the much-needed office desk scenes lol. Is it really a steamy office romance without some loving on a desk? The power imbalance is sexy but healthy. Hibbert didn’t make it where it felt abusive at all. They were incredibly cute and I liked it a lot. 

Favorite Quotes
The door opened, and she appeared. The woman he’d never known he wanted. But now she was here, and he could want nothing else.
Her brown skin shone luxuriously over full, luscious features, and her body curved like a country hillside beneath her plain, grey skirt suit. She was a big girl, but that skirt was deliciously small.
Jennifer smiled at him, all sooty lashes and full lips and white, white teeth. It was the kind of smile that could make a man forget himself completely.
And he realized two things. The first? This woman was trouble. And the second? He wanted trouble. For the first time in his life, he wanted trouble very, very badly.
Jennifer lost all control. Before she could think better of it, she wrapped her lips around the warm digit and sucked gently, her tongue tasting his skin like a new dessert.
I want you,” he said. “I… I noticed.” His full lips kicked up at one corner. “Smart mouth. Maybe we should fill it up again.”
Kissing was not her area of expertise; she was prickly, and prickly things weren’t often kissed. But something about the way he held her made her feel soft and powerful all at once.
The first claim, Jennifer did not doubt. But the latter? Well. Passionate men had passionate mouths.
“The balance of society is weighted unfairly in favor of men, so anything they might give me in return for the blessing of my time is nothing less than what I deserve.”
Now, the third and final rule is this: nothing you do during sex is bad. As long as all involved parties are wholeheartedly up for it, don’t ever let anyone get you down for whatever it is you end up wanting.”
“So you’ve figured out the way to my heart,” she laughed. “I hope so,” he murmured under his breath.
Part of him—a big part—was desperate to know this woman in every way. To have her, and perversely, to belong to her.
Jen laughed, and he swore every soul in the place turned to look as she threw her head back, the long column of her throat exposed while her amusement rang out. She was brilliant, like sunlight through stained glass. Every time he thought he knew her colors, she revealed a few more.
“I wouldn’t do that. Not ever. I started this. I would never let you suffer because I want you. I leave women better off. Not worse.”
“Don’t focus on the thoughts your mind is pushing. Focus on what’s real. Find something true, and count it.”
Maybe that was why kissing Theo felt like the moment, the single perfect moment, when pills and excitement and that song you love all converse to create a point of pure pleasure, a high that you know will never be surpassed.
“But maybe consider letting me help. Okay? Just because you can cope on your own, doesn’t mean you should.”
“Rule number one: you do as I tell you. Exactly as I tell you.” “I… might like the sound of that rule,” she breathed. His eyes flared, and he ripped her skirt right off her. The cotton tore like paper, and the force of the movement pulled her into him. When she shifted, her skirt didn’t come with her. It fell drunkenly, then caught on the flare of her thighs. She looked down in shock at the ragged pieces, clinging together by a thread. “Oh my,” she said. “I’ll buy you a new one.”
“You’re very precious, Ms. Johnson. A fine artifact. And I’ll look after you, if you let me. Would you like that?”
He was looking at her like he couldn’t decide whether to devour her or worship her. 
“Oh, there’s no danger of that, Princess.” He kissed her fiercely, wrapping his fingers around her throat—gently, with just enough pressure to hold her captive.
“Let me play with you, Jenny. Can I?” He wrapped his fingers around her wrist, pulled her arm behind her back.
“Why wouldn’t you want to marry me?” He asked, his eyes sparkling. “I have it on great authority that I’m a catch.”
“I want us to be partners. I want to make your life better the way you make mine better. I want to protect you. I want to provide for you. And if you’d let me do that, then I’d be forever grateful. I’ll do whatever you need me to do—I’ll even leave Brown Cow if that’s what you want. I will. It’s not important. Nothing is as important as you are. I—I love you, Jenny. I really f***** do.”


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