Untouchable (Ravenswood #2) Book Review

Untouchable (Ravenswood #2) by Talia Hibbert

Publication: August 11th, 2018

Genre: NA Romance

Rating: fivestars-02


What happens when a bad boy becomes a man? 

Nate Davis didn’t plan on returning to his hateful hometown. But then, he didn’t plan on being widowed in his twenties, or on his mother getting sick, either. Turns out, life doesn’t give a f*** about plans.  

Hannah Kabbah thought her career in childcare was over. After all, no-one wants a woman with a criminal damage conviction watching their kids. But when her high school crush returns to Ravenswood with two kids in tow, she gets the second chance she never dreamed of.  

She also gets to know Nate – the real Nate. The one whose stony exterior hides aching vulnerability. Who makes her smile when she wants to fall apart. Who is way, way more than the bad boy persona he earned so long ago, and way too noble to ever sleep with the nanny. 

So it’s a good thing she’s completely over that teenage crush, right? 

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After destroying the town’s golden boy Daniel Burne’s car, Hannah Kabbah lost her position in childcare because she was deemed unstable. Nate Davis is a boy from high school who left because he felt suffocated in Ravenswood. Nate got married, had two kids, his wife passed in a car crash, his mom got sick, and now he is back in the town he hates. Hannah is sick of customer service jobs and wants to work with kids again but this town hates her. Nate needs a nanny. Hannah needs a job. Both had crushes back in the day. Those crushes are long gone. Widowed tattooed father of two and a beautiful plus size black woman nanny is a recipe for adorableness beyond comprehension. I didn’t think I needed a romance like this but now I don’t know what I was doing before Nate and Hannah. Their pain runs so much deeper than either understands and so do their feelings. There are so much angst and so many feels. It’s a slow burn and really does something to my heart that should not be done to my heart. Le sigh. 


At this point, I am done writing anything regarding Hibbert’s writing. I love it. You love it. The king of Scandinavia loves it. Aliens love it. She is not cringy in sex scenes, she creates characters with depth and amazing growth, she handles triggering situations with care, she has diversity and interracial relationships, gorgeous romance with the right amount of angst, and her plots have depth. 


Hannah Kabbah is very different than her sister Ruth Kabbah from A Girl Like Her. Hannah has a silver tongue and doesn’t let anyone past her icy exterior. She doesn’t think love is in her future because no one ever wants Hannah for Hannah. She deals with depression and as per usual Hibbert handles this with care and doesn’t describe it as something silly. Hannah doesn’t know if she will ever be “better” but she works every day to have a good day. I really loved Hannah and how much she loves kids. She is really caring and will honestly go to extreme lengths for those she loves. Nate Davis deserves a father of the year award. He is so precious and literally so soft for his two kids, brother Zach, his mom, and Hannah. He is this big man with tattoos who will probably walk around in a tutu if his kids wanted him to. He is such a good dad and tries so hard to do all he can for them and his sick mom. I loved his internal struggle of not wanting the nanny lol especially because her inner monologue was just as much of a mess. I really loved seeing more of Zach’s funny side in this book since he was sadder in A Girl Like Her. I am excited for his book to come out because I want to know more about his thing of feeling like he no longer wants sex. 


How does every male that Talia Hibbert create get better and better? Nate is this special man that I want to just love forever and ever. What he says and does to Hannah literally gives me weak knees. I love this romance and all of hers because they are each so different. Since this one is forbidden lust it had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. It was like every touch and look had me ready to combust because I was screaming KISS ALREADY. This is such a slow burn I think Hibbert was TRYING to kill me. Nate is so patient with Hannah and he just knew her and wow. Hannah is so good with his kids and my heart really just hurt because wow they loved each other so much. 

Favorite Quotes
Which is why it took him so bloody long to notice Hannah Kabbah walking in front of him. But once he saw her, he couldn’t focus on anything else.
Why do you exist? Why do you selfishly breathe the precious oxygen that could be better used to sustain a local mischief of rats or perhaps an especially large ferret?
Everything about her was practically daring him to pull out his phone—God, where the f*** was his camera?—and take a picture. Just one. That wouldn’t be too weird, right? If he explained that she was walking art and it was his job to capture it.
She was either utterly embarrassing or unnecessarily harsh, and sometimes she couldn’t decide which was worse.
Feelings were so very excessive, and uncomfortable, too. In fact, emotions were the psychological equivalent of walking on a blister.
She preferred to be in complete control of her own smiles; life was unpredictable enough without bringing errant facial muscles into the equation.
He stood in the doorway for far too long—not watching her leave, but staring down at his own arm. At the place where she’d touched him. The earth hadn’t moved, when her skin had brushed his. The stars hadn’t aligned, and his heart hadn’t pounded its way right out of his chest. It only felt that way.
Pain wasn’t neat like that. It wasn’t about checks and balances, and there was no spell, verbal or otherwise, to make it disappear. 
She was so beautiful that, if he’d walked into a bar and seen her, he’d have walked right the f*** back out.
At least she’d never know that he’d come perilously close to kissing her nose or burying his face between her legs, or something else—the urges were all wildly divergent, as well as horribly impossible.
“That’s okay. I’ll watch you. In case.” The layers of meaning in that statement hit her like wave after wave of cool ocean under a hot sun. That’s okay. I’ll watch you. If you ever fall, you won’t have to drag yourself up and find me for help. I’ll be ready. I’ll pick you up off the ground.
And why did he hear himself say, as if listening to another man speak: “I want to photograph you, you know.” There was a pause as the steady snip of her scissors stopped. Nate used that pause to ask his mouth what the f*** it thought it was doing. When, precisely, had it decided to stop being a team player? His mouth did not respond.
He did it again, so f****** slowly, lapping up her juices as if he’d been dying of thirst. She was intoxicating. He couldn’t imagine a future that didn’t involve his head between her thighs.
I’m not expecting anything from you, so don’t even think about that. I just want you to take it, and tell me you want it, and beg me for more.”
He cupped her cheeks and kissed her, even though he was still laughing. And that made her laugh, until they were just two naked weirdos giggling into each others’ mouths.
“Hannah, my love, you own me. Forever. You own me.”
“Use me,” he rasped, his tone commanding even as he gave himself to her. So she did.
I’ve been chasing you hard, the last few days, because I thought I was losing you. And in case I haven’t made it obvious, I don’t want to lose you.” His eyes, darker in the low light, pinned hers. “Ever.”
“You,” he said softly, “are my sunshine. You’re my moon when I can’t sleep. You’re every star in the sky when I’m lost. You’re a galaxy, and I am constantly in awe of you. I’m yours—completely, utterly—for as long as you’ll have me. And I pray that’s a long damn time, because I don’t ever want to be without you.”


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