Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty (Dangerous Beauty #2) Book Review

Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty (Dangerous Beauty #2) by Angela Elwell Hunt

Publication: August 1st, 2015

Genre: Historical/Biblical Fiction

Rating: fivestars-02


After sending his army to besiege another king’s capital, King David forces himself on Bathsheba, a loyal soldier’s wife. When her resulting pregnancy forces the king to murder her husband and add her to his harem, Bathsheba struggles to protect her son while dealing with the effects of a dark prophecy and deadly curse on the king’s household.

Combining historical facts with detailed fiction, Angela Hunt paints a realistic portrait of the beautiful woman who struggled to survive the dire results of divine judgment on a king with a divided heart.

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This story is all about Bathsheba and David. I really enjoyed Angela Hunt’s first book, Esther, in the Dangerous Beauty trilogy and this book was even better. Esther is my favorite book of the Bible but, I love King David’s devotion to God. He was by no means a perfect man with no sin but no one is. Every day we sin but with God’s forgiveness we are made new and King David understood that as well as Bathsheba. Their life and how their paths crossed was not easy but God had a plan in life and overtime they were restored. Of course, not everything in this book is factual but Hunt creates a tragically beautiful story of Bathsheba and David. What I really liked was that the point of views was that of Bathsheba and Nathan, a prophet who saw visions and heard from God. This gave us a view of David that is a bit deeper then I would have expected. I really loved this book a lot and when I one day return my father in heaven I hope to meet these three incredible people. 


I enjoy Hunt’s writing so much because of how accurate it is. I always feel like I am really transported back into the Bible ages. They spoke so differently in their time it is a miracle when authors can accurately portray that. I love how vivid the writing was because it felt so real as if I closed my eyes I would be standing in the kingdom of David or in the streets of Judah. The stunning prose and beautiful descriptions of the palace or clothes entrapped me. The story itself blended the perfect balance of Bible accuracy and alluring storytelling that made for a magical novel. Hunt was able to weave this wonderful tale about these three while also keeping to the truth of what life was like in that time period. I enjoyed her story very much.


Bathsheba is an incredibly strong woman. She is one of my favorite women in the Bible. She had been through something so traumatic but she rose up and lived the life God had planned for her. She was truly always a queen. I commend her for the forgiveness she was able to give to David and how she held onto her faith in God. My favorite thing about her was how real she felt because she questioned God, she had a hard time forgiving, and she grew angry with God. This happens to many Christians when life is not easy but in the end, she prevailed. David is one of my favorite Kings to read about. He made grave sins that affected his household for generations but after God gave him his verdict David refound himself in God. He was a changed man after that and he became a better one. My favorite thing about David was his everlasting faith and love in God. God’s command was harsh and many people would have cursed or given up on God. But, even after everything, David excepted his punishment and whenever it was dealt he always proclaimed his love for God. Nathan the prophet was a man of God who really cared for the things of God. He took care in speaking about the Lord. I loved his point of view and how much he cared for both Bathsheba and David. He was one of my favorite characters. 

Favorite Quotes
I had become flesh of this man’s flesh. I finally understood how it felt to utterly belong to a beloved man.
“I came to your home and to your bed willingly. Even happily.” His eyes remained fixed on mine a long moment. Then he tapped the tip of my nose. “I wouldn’t have a wife who came to me in any other way.” 
My feelings of love deepened as the weeks passed. I would’ve given anything to marry her and if called upon I would’ve happily sacrificed my life for her. She was no mere afterthought. She was one of HaShem’s most beautiful creations. 
A complacent man would eventually neglect the Lord because he would depend upon HaShem’s promise and not HaShem himself. 
“By all that is holy, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”
“You are more than a tob woman Bathsheba. You are Adonai’s blessing to me.”
“You have been more than David’s wife. You have been his consolation, his joy, and his one love. Your forgiveness redeemed him. Don’t ever forget that.”


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