Bedfellows Book Review

Bedfellows by Lola Leighton 

Publication: July 31st, 2018

Genre: Romance/Erotica

Rating: threeandahalfstars-02


I wasn’t looking to fall for one man. Let alone two…Sullivan and Will are as close as two friends can be. Growing up in the system forced them to rely on each other, and they’ve become accustomed to sharing everything–including women. Now they’re ready for more. To find love. To start a family. To see the dreams they’ve shared since childhood come true. Apparently, I tick off every box on their list–brains, beauty, and sass. I never hesitate to put both men in their places–which they find sexy as hell. One problem, I’m a traditional girl, with traditional values–one man, one woman, till death do us part–kind of values. They’re willing to work to prove how very right the three of us could be, but what happens next is anyone’s guess…

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Not my particular tastes but the book was fast enough and easy enough to read so it was enjoyable. I never read a story containing three people in a relationship so I was interested in the sound of it. It was good and I liked it but there wasn’t enough oomph. Something was missing to make me love it. Personally, it didn’t feel like there was enough angst. Or angst might not be the right word but everything felt too easy for such an unconventional lifestyle. Like her parents didn’t understand it and they were supposedly super traditional but that issue wrapped up so quickly. She was a traditional girl but she accepted this lifestyle so fast. Nothing felt like it was something to work for. The whole relationship happened really fast especially for someone so new to it. Also in the whole plot, in general, it just was so quick I didn’t get a moment to sympathize with any of the issues. It was more sexual since this is labeled as more adult erotica and yes it is a lot. But the quick pace makes it fun to read I just wish there was that extra spark.


It was not amazing but it was not bad. I didn’t cringe during the sex parts which is a major plus and the author writes them pretty good. But other than that nothing is exceptionally amazing. Again, it was quick so I would like if the author maybe delved deeper into the romance and emotional parts of the relationship. I didn’t get to connect as much as I would like. The characters didn’t have a lot of development and when I thought we would finally get a good emotional arc it was quickly fixed. Like when Will was struggling to accept that now he and Sullivan would pleasure each other as well as Adrienne. He goes to take a camping trip to think things through but they come and have a five-second talk and boom it’s all good. I would have liked a more in-depth emotional moment to really see Will accept his feelings. 


My favorite point of view was Will’s because I like the more stoic and quite male love interests. He was the more stern one and had to come out of his feelings more. Sullivan was a sunshine type of boy lol. He was adorable and was very in touch with his feelings and what he wanted. Adrienne was sweet and I liked her. She accepted things pretty fast so my only complaint would have been to see more of a struggle for her. I liked this trio a lot they were good people and were all very kind. They weren’t annoying and there was no Marry Sue or alpha male thing which was surprising and enjoyable. They all knew what the other wanted and were actually all very open about feelings and secrets.


The author writes sex scenes just fine but the emotional/romantic aspect and depth wasn’t as great. It wasn’t bad but it could’ve been explored a lot more. The m/m arc especially needed further exploration and explanation that was handled so fast and I was like wait. I did love the respect all three held for the other and how open they were to discussions especially when upset. 

Favorite Quotes
We’d grown up together, two lost, angry kids banding together to forge a path through a fucked-up world. It made us strong, made us brave—made us the men we were today. But it made us rely on each other in a way that was … a little out of the ordinary.
“It’s actually quite simple. Two loving, devoted boyfriends. Two men worshipping you. Bringing you pleasure. Monogamy’s not the right word. But exclusivity. Just between us three.”
“Jesus, you’re beautiful,” Will said, deep voice rasping over my skin like a soft caress. I felt more beautiful just then than I ever had before.
Will pressed his lips to my neck, whispering, “There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who can handle two men at the same time.”
“Been waiting for you to get here. I love you, too, baby.” Sullivan pressed a kiss to my forehead. Will’s hand found mine under the blanket. “Love you, sweetheart. You’re ours now.” “Yes. Yours … and yours.”
“Like I said, couldn’t risk losing you. My silence ensured our future, man, and I’d rather share you with a woman than not have you at all.”
He ran his thumb over the curve of my knee, sending shocks of electricity shooting through my body. Adrienne squeezed my hand in hers, and suddenly the two of them were both there, touching me, telling me how perfect we were together—all of it made sense all at once, and it felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest.


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