Kiss, Marry, Kill Book Tag

Ello’ peeps! Today, I am doing a fun book tag. KISS, MARRY KILL!!! Now I know that you all have played this game at least once in your life so, I don’t think I need to go over any rules. But what I will explain is I am combining the way two different people did this tag. I am doing multiple rounds like My Tiny Obsessions did. So, how this will go is for each round I will pick 3 characters from 1 book to kiss, marry or kill.  And credit to her for giving me the idea to use cute little icons underneath the books. Secondly, in my final rounds, I am going to Kiss, Marry, Kill the actual books from the nine rounds like Jena Brown Writes did. She is the one who gave me the idea to do this tag in the first place. Let’s get right into it. I decided to focus on three authors and I chose three books by each.


The Characters

Kiss: Ryke is wild and crazy and my second favorite guy in this series.

Marry: Connor has pretty much everything I want in a man give or take a few things.
Kill: I love Loren but alas the game says someone has to die.


Kiss: Beckett just seems like he knows what a girl likes in a kiss.
Marry: Oscar and I are one in the same when it comes to food.
Kill: I am sorry my dear Maximoff. I still love you.


Kiss: Timo seems like a good time.
Marry: John is me. I am John. We would dislike everyone together.
Kill: Oh dear. I really liked him too. So sad.


Kiss: Rhy is someone who would be my best friend so one kiss and done is best. 
Marry: We would balance each other out and just get each other.
Kill: Well someone had to go.


Kiss: She is vicious so it is best to stay on her good side.
Marry: I love my monsterous man.
Kill: Well, who cares about this one honestly?


Kiss: Sydney can bring me back to life. Best to get chummy with this one.
Marry: I love anti-heroes. Victor is my life.
Kill: Oh look he fell off a cliff. Too bad so sad.


Kiss: He is an adorable little spitfire.
Marry: Literally the love of my life. Is anyone surprised about this?
Kill: He was ready to risk it all for his parabati. He is too intense. He has to go. 


Kiss: I love my misunderstood blond beauty.  
Marry: I mean is anyone surprised? I love villains. You all knew this was coming.
Kill: Who even was this guy am I right?


Kiss: She is cool or whatever.
Marry: Jem is a gem. He will be my precious for life.
Kill: Sorry my dude you were the most annoying.

The Books


Kiss: I will hold this book in my heart forever.
Marry: Everything about this was special.
Kill: This was so hard. Thank God this is not real because I would NEVER.


Kiss: This vicious little beast would be too much to marry. A kiss of death is better.
Marry: The golden trilogy. I will marry it.
Kill: Sigh. Again, I would NEVER but it is the way of the game 😦


Kiss: My original crew deserves all the kisses.
Marry: This crew deserves me for life.
Kill: Yeah they can go. Except for Jem. You’re doing amazing sweetie.


I really think you should all do this tag. It was so fun and super hard. So, I tag you all.

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