Dating Disasters of Emma Nash (Emma Nash Series #1) Book Review

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash (Emma Nash Series #1) by Chloe Seager

Publication: May 1st, 2018

Genre: Ya Contemporary

Rating: fourstars-02


Online, you can choose who you want to be. If only real life were so easy…Emma Nash may be down, but after months of wallowing, stalking her ex online and avoiding showering—because, really, who’s going to care?—Emma’s ready to own her newly single status, get out with her friends and chronicle her dating adventures on her private blog. But life online doesn’t always run smoothly. Stumbling upon her mother’s Tinder dating profile, getting catfished and accidentally telling the entire world why her ex-boyfriend Leon’s not worth any girl’s…um…time… Okay, those were disasters. But surely nothing else can go wrong?

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Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for giving me a copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review.



This story was very cute and funny. I enjoyed it a lot and actually finished it in one sitting because it was a light and easy read. In Emma Nash, we follow a young 16-year-old girl who is navigating life after her first break up. Leon didn’t dump Emma. He just ignored her and stopped talking to her. She is distraught and no longer knows how to live after this heartbreak. Especially when she sees his newest status: Leon is in a relationship. So what does any self-respecting human do? A little internet stalking of him and his new girlfriend. From there Emma and her friends decide she is in need of a new mission. She shall try her hand at meeting people online and moving on from Leon. Emma learns much about herself on this journey of finding a boyfriend including what we should all know: You don’t need a man or woman to be happy. The whole plot is told through a series of blog posts so that is very relatable lol. I loved this plot because Emma was so real in the sense that I feel like many young people did some of the silly stuff she did. I know for a fact I did. I wasn’t a complete mess over my first break up because I did the breaking but my younger years did involve internet stalking lol. 


The writing was more funny and relatable than anything. Don’t come into this book expecting something in depth. You have to take the writing at face value. It is told from the perspective of a hormonal teenager who has a lot of sass, wit, sadness and some cluelessness lol. She has a lot to learn about herself, dating, and life. But, again this book is so damn funny. Emma’s disastrous escapade in dating will bring you back to those awkward first dates and boyfriend/girlfriends. I was clutching my stomach sometimes because of how ridiculous and eye-roll inducing Emma’s adventures were. The writing is simple and mimics that of a young teen which is good. So even though it’s not some in-depth masterpiece the writing works for the voice and tone of the book and the storyline. The romance is actually very funny and again brings you back to your teen years in dealing with dating. But it’s actually not in your face at all and a lot of moments are pretty cute and adorable. The parental aspect is really interesting and another problem that you see Emma work through. Love/dating, friendship, and parents oh the joys of your teen years. I also love how the story talks about the negatives and positives of social media/the internet. 


Emma is one hilarious chick with so much to learn. We get to see that journey and it really is something special. Emma struggles a lot with self-image but she also is pretty sure of herself sometimes. I love how openly this book talks about periods and masturbation. These are common occurrences in lives yet so taboo in books and I never understand. Emma’s character, as well as her friends, discuss many topics that are important in society today like societal roles for woman and issues regarding LGBT people (Faith is Lesbian). Emma is by no means perfect she makes many mistakes and I loved reading about her flaws and her learning from them. Emma was a very refreshing main character. The side cast was fun and added a lot of joy to the story. 

I highly recommend this story!

Favorite Quotes
Or I could always go to my room and masturbate all afternoon. It does seem infinitely more appealing.
Heed my warning. DO NOT make life decisions that will actually affect your future based around someone you like. Even if you think you may “love” them. It is not worth it. You will end up like me. I am doing a whole extra AS level because I am an idiot.
When using the internet to meet people, one must learn to ignore half the stupid crap people feel more free to say than they would to your face. 
Internet Emma has a much better life and is happy in herself. But then I close the laptop and it doesn’t stick.
“What is my dad going to do? Talk to me? Have a little heart-to-heart? We’re awkward enough when we’re speaking about my homework, without admitting that we’re both human beings with feelings.”
Online connections do not necessarily entail real-life connections. Especially when you’ve e-tweaked yourself a little bit.
Don’t worry so much about meeting someone else I like, be a version of MYSELF that I like.


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