Top 10 Books That Surprised Me

So, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post curated by The Broke and the Bookish. As you know I do not post on Tuesdays so Monday it is. I want to do this topic in two different ways. I am breaking it down by doing 5 books that surprised me in a good way and 5 that surprised me in a bad way. The good ones are ones I thought I would enjoy but did not expect to LOVE in the way I did. The bad ones are ones I thought I would enjoy but ended up highly disappointed. 


Good Surprises

1) Queendom of the Seven Lakes by A.B. Endacott

I read this book when I first got into NetGalley. I did not know what to expect from that site but everyone was talking about it so I wanted to give it a shot. This was one of the first few books I got approved for and I was excited to start it. This duology/series has become one of my top 10 favorites and the author is my second favorite author. This was such a surprise because I had no idea what the story would entail let alone that it would become a favorite. Here is my review for Queendom and King

2) Pen & Xander by Laekan Zae Kemp

This was a MAJOR surprise. I thought this would be a fun and cute read. This book took my breath away. It was amazingly written, the characters were engaging and complex, the plot was full and intriguing, and everything about the story captured my heart. Even the romance was so well done and made my heart feel so full. Here is my review for Pen & Xander.

3) The Philosopher’s Flight by Tom Miller

This book was such a happy surprise. I knew it would be good but I didn’t know it would be this good. This story made me smile and I finished it within a few days. I loved it so much that I want to get a copy of it for my bookshelf. Here is my review of Philosopher’s Flight.

4) The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis

I truly loved this contemporary novel. It surprised me with how much I became invested with this story. Here is my review of Adam.

5) Naked We Came by Robert Lane

This book was amazing. I don’t read crime novels but this was on Netgalley and I was intrigued. It ended up being so good. I was so invested in solving the problem and I loved the established relationship in the book a lot. Here is my review of Naked We Came.

Bad Surprises

1) Labyrinth Lost

Now this story made me so sad. I can’t believe how terrible this was. I wanted to love this so badly and I just could not. The story, the romance, everything just did not make sense. I could not connect with the characters in the slightest and I could care less if they had a happy ending. This made me sad bc the MC was Latinx and I ended up hating this book. My review is here.

2) The Hazel Wood

I was expecting a whimsical and dangerous Alice and Wonderland vibe. I got a confusing mess. This was so upsetting because I saw the bad reviews but I didn’t believe them. I really had such high hopes. My review is here.

3) Tess of the Road

Well, the book cover was amazing. The reason for this being a disappointment is that it was misleading. I was promised dragon type creatures, adventure, and fantasy. I got a coming of age tale about a girl finding herself and peace in a fantasy world. That would not have been bad if it was marketed as such but it was marketed as an adventure fantasy book. My review is here.

4) The Hearts We Sold

This was not a terrible book but I only kept it after I bought it because the cover was cool. The book was boring and I just did not care for anyone except the boy who was an artist. My review is here.

5) The Writer’s Bloom

This book was just not written well at all. I was asked to review it and I said yes because the idea of it sounded so good but sadly that was not the case. It was confusing and grammatically horrendous. I am not the end all be all for grammar but this was just really bad. My review is here.


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