Top 10 People I Would Dine With

So, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post curated by The Broke and the Bookish. As you know I do not post on Tuesdays so Monday it is. I am not just doing book people. I want to do people from different industries. I will do dead or alive. I will also give a little explanation on why I am choosing each person. This is numbered but this is not in any order. These are just the ten people I would love to dine with.border-04

1) A.B. Endacott

Alice is an author and has become a dear friend of mine but she lives in Australia so, sadly I can’t dine with her. But, hopefully, when I visit there we can make that happen.

2) Victoria Schwab

She is my favorite author and I would love to sit and eat with her. I have so many questions and I would love an opportunity like this.

3) Robert Downey Jr.

He is one of my favorite actors. In my Mastery class, we talked about people going through an emotion pitfall to become a master at what they do and he fits the bill. I love his story and how far he has come. He is such an inspiration.

4) Dylan O’ Brien

One of my other favorite actors and he is young so that is inspiring to me. He seems so funny and like a fun time. I think we would have a grand time.

5) William Shakespeare

I love his work so much. If I had the chance to dine with him that would be a dream come true. As a lover of plays and future scriptwriter I know he could’ve taught me something.

6) Esther/Hadassah from the Bible

This is my favorite book in the bible. I admire Esther so much and I love what she did for God. She is one of my inspirations. She went before the king unsummoned which could have led her to death but she trusted God and fulfilled her destiny.

7) Perrie Edwards

My favorite member of Little Mix. I love her personality and how different we are. She seems like a fun person to be around and I would ask her to sing to me lol.

8) Shah Rukh Khan

My favorite male Bollywood actor!!! He is so iconic and can do any role he is given. I would just love to sit and hear this man talk, to be honest.

9) Kajol Mukherjee

She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is also my favorite Bollywood actress. I love her movies and her personality. I would also love to just sit and hear her speak.

10) King David

I love the book of David in the bible. I love how flawed he was but he never lost his faith in God. He is someone I really would love to talk to and dine with when I get to heaven.



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