Ekata: Fall of Darkness Book Review

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Ekata: Fall of Darkness by Dominique Law

Publication: August 8th, 2017

Genre: Ya Fantasy


On Ekata, a utopian world where violence is unthinkable, Asher has been plagued with visions of death and darkness since childhood. On his eighteenth birthday he is confronted with a life-changing prophecy which tells of a threat not only to his world, but to Earth as well.

Alexis has always felt she doesn’t belong. When an extraordinary stranger appears on her doorstep, it raises more questions than answers. If everything she thought she knew about herself was a lie, who is the real Alexis? And how could she possibly be part of an ancient prophecy?

Through startling transformation and grief, the pair defy all expectations. But when everything changes, can Asher’s humanity survive? The fate of both worlds may depend upon it.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review. 


I wanted to love this. I swear I did. I tried so hard. I really did. But. It was so boring 😦 The premise was exciting and I thought this was going to be excellent. I wanted it to be but it was such a chore to read. It makes me sad because the cover and idea were so exciting. The story is about Asher and Alexis. Ekata is a world with no violence. The antagonist want’s to remove violence on earth but, in doing so it would remove the free-will of the people. Cue are main characters to stage. Asher experiences violent visions because he is apart of a prophesy where he needs to help Alexis (other MC) to stop this madman from going Thanos on everyone. It’s all about the chosen one trope but it was really not that unique even though I really thought it was going to be. The pace is super slow 31% into the book Asher finally gets to earth but he still hasn’t gotten to Alexis and we had only heard from her once (she wasn’t that interesting.) Before that, we are just reading about Asher and his best friend (who was undoubtedly funny) trudge along to meet the Pure Ones (unicorn hybrid things that know all and see all or something but one dies so I guess not all.) This is a slow process of walking, eating, staying warm, sleeping, and repeat. It’s all very tropey which would not be all that bad if it was more exciting and unique.

The writing was good though. I won’t sit here and knock the writing because the world was vivid. The journey was something I felt in my bones and the dialogue was well written. The world-building and setting of Ekata were easy to follow and understand. The magic system was cool because of all the powers the people had like empaths, telekinesis, people who can see the future like Asher, and more. It was an easy read I just wish it was more exciting to read. It took so long to pick up and actually have something of note happen. Honestly, I just struggled guys lol.

Then we have the romance. Ugh, guys the romance. Insta-love can be ok if it’s more like an attraction but when it’s like this book I just have to question life. Alexis is quite annoying and strange if you ask me. I mean if someone randomly pops on your door telling you that you’re native to another planet and that the fate of the world is on you I don’t think I would be worried about how hot he is. She really is insufferable. And look I get it she is young but there is just no depth and I struggled with that too. Asher was a bit more exciting to read about.

And the ending was so anticlimactic I could not even fathom it. I will 100% not be reading the sequel. It really was not my cup of tea which was extremely disappointing.


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