Found in Night Book Review

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Found in Night by Ben Alderson

Publication: June 12th, 2018

Genre: YA Fantasy


 Dragon Shifters. Undead. Revenge.
Life has not been the same since the attack on the ship. Affected by the Druid’s power, something dark lurks within Hadrian Vulmar, threatening the existence of those around him.
Following a lead, Zacriah and Nyah head into the forest on an expedition to cure him. When they are ambushed by the living dead—bodies controlled by shadow—covered in the Druid marks, they know the Druid did not perish in the sea as they first thought. The Druid is back, and with his return comes the threat of attack.
The three known Dragori are sent on a dangerous quest to stop this dark magick before Hadrian gives into his new power, and the shadowbeings end more innocent lives.

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“Hello Petal…I feel nothing but relief for seeing you.”


Found in Night is taking place a little while after book one left off. Zach and crew are now in Eldnol and they are waiting in anticipation for the Druid to make his next move. They are also trying to heal Hadrian and deal with whatever the Druid did to him while in his possession. But nothing ever goes as planned in books I think we all know that. Hadrian gets consumed by what the elves call, Heart Majick, which makes him incredibly dangerous to everyone but incredibly useful to the Druid. Zach, Hadrian, and Emmaline must look for the Staff of Light to save Hadrian before it’s too late. Trust no one honestly. I was really surprised at how much better Ben Alderson’s writing got between books one and two. The fighting sequences are engaging, adventurous, dramatic, and felt vivid and real. We got to read about the Dragori forms in full force this book and really see the extent of their powers. I love the usage of the elements and seeing how Alderson made it work for his book was fun and exciting. There are some pretty good plot twists and an ending that left me begging for book three.

“I meant what I said back in there. Returning home is the second most important thing to me at this moment”…”And what is the first?” I questioned quietly….”You.”


As I stated, the writing got better. Zach sounds much more mature and sure of himself. The fighting scenes were open and flowed nicely. The world-building was done well. Alderson explained enough for you to understand their lives, the magic system, and any history needed but not too much to drag on and bore you. Right from chapter one, we get a lot of action. The book is not dull or boring because things are always happening. The story is quick and easy to read. It is fun and enjoyable. Alderson will 100% grow in his writing and storytelling and I am excited to see where his career goes. 

“Even if I could steal the very stars in the sky for you, it would not be enough. If I could fly you to the Goddess herself and profess the feeling you give me, it would never be enough.”


One thing I always loved about Zach was his ability to defend himself. In many stories, the MC is walked all over and never speaks up against wrongs done to them. Zach has no qualms about doing so and I love that about him. He is feisty and a spitfire. I really enjoyed seeing his immense power in this book and how much he used it. Hadrian is just as loveable. He really is a sweetie but I love that undercurrent of his mean side. He is authoritative but he no arrogant alpha male. Plus in his Dragori form, he has long black nails *swoons*.  Emmaline is a strong female character. I enjoyed reading about her more and I also loved how the author showed her saving Zach and Hadrian. There are no issues of her clearly being a bit stronger. In fact, it is celebrated. I think a book about her would be really exciting. There are some other great characters like Queen Kathine, Tiv, Nyah, Jasrov, and Illera. 

“But I want to savor it, to wait until I can have you day in and night out. I want to be selfish with you, not share you with anyone for hours upon end.” 


Truly never thought someone calling another person ‘Petal’ would make me smile so much. Alderson really cooked up a cute romance here let me tell you. But he doesn’t overpower his plot with it which is really good. Don’t let the quotes fool you. I just love great romantic quotes but there is much more plot lol. The snippets we do get are sickeningly adorable and I want to know who gave him the right? Hadrian is way too amazing and Zach is a ball of adorable blushing mess. 

“I have a question for you, Zacriah, will you wait for me?”…”Until time itself dies out, and we return to the stars.”
“One day I am going to wed you, and what’s mine will be yours. What is the difference between you sharing what is mine now?”
“Just as air keeps a fire roaring, you keep me going. That will never change.”


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  1. I only knew Ben Alderson as a booktuber… I didn’t know he had written these books! *immediately goes to google more about these books* After readingyourreview, I felt like digging into more romance books for some reason (cheers)!

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