The Playlist Book Tag

I found The Playlist Book Tag which was created by Sarah over at The Little Contemporary Corner on First Book Love. She tagged anyone who wanted to do it and that qualifies as me so here I am doing it. This is a simple tag all you have to do is simply answer the question with a book you feel matches the description.


One Direction: A book you would still love without one of the main characters

Most of the main characters in a book are one or two points of views and without them, it just would fall apart so I think I will have to pick a book that has more than two points of views. So, I will choose The Shadowhunters Chronicles/Universe books. Those books usually have like eight point of views as the main characters so, if one of them wasn’t there I would still love it. Unless the main character is any of the Mortal Instruments core six, Kieran, Kit, Jem or Ty then I will riot!

Busted: A book you didn’t expect to have a sequel

Haven by Mary Lindsey. I loved Haven a lot. It was a fun and twisted tale. The ending was superb and left just the right amount of mystery to leave room for the possibility. But, it was tied up so sweetly I did not expect one at all. So, color me surprised when I saw that it was getting a sequel called Havoc. I do not oppose this idea at all and I can’t wait to see what this book has to offer.

5 Seconds of Summer: A book that reminds you of summer

Amour Amour by Krista and Becca Ritchie. The story is a contemporary romance and sexy. Romance and sexiness always remind me of fun summer days lol. I like to re-read the story a lot and although it is not some quick summer fling I still get the fun summer feeling from it.

Adele: A book you love or you hate

I love the Broken Empire trilogy by Mark Lawrence. This is a dark fantasy and many people might hate it for all the dark violence and how horrible Jorg Ancrath is. But alas I love the story and the anti-hero respectively. I have a thing for anti-heroes and villains as well. They tend to be some of my favorite characters ever because of how complex they can be.

Taylor Swift: A guilty pleasure book

I am going to answer this for the sake of the tag but nothing I read makes me feel guilty. I like what I like and no one makes me feel guilty for enjoying them. Taboo books like Balance by Lucia Franco or slightly erotic books like the Addicted/Calloway sisters series, Like Us Series, and the Aerial Ethereal series.  I don’t go super taboo but age difference books can be a guilty pleasure if done right. When I say slightly I mean it has sex scenes but it’s not a full-on erotica book. The sex is added to the story but it is not the plot. If you take those scenes away you still have a full-fledged emotional story.

Green Day: A book that bored you to sleep for a whole month

I guess this means a book that put me into a reading slump and the answer is truly no book. If I get bored of a book or want to DNF it I just stop reading and pick up something else. The only time I have ever had a reading halt is because of life, not a bad book.

Coldplay: A book that makes you sad no matter how many times you read it

That would be History is All You Left Me or The Kite Runner. Those are two books I vowed to never read again. They are the only two books to make me cry throughout the whole books. I have had a handful (I literally can count on my hands how many) that have made me cry from the ending but these two made me cry from the WHOLE THING. They gripped my heart and ripped it out and just left it there. I don’t think I could ever pick them up again even though they were amazing.

The Glee Cast: A book that you’d like to be made into a musical

Speak Easy, Speak Love by McKelle George. This lovely stand-alone novel is a 1920’s prohibition era retelling of the Shakespearean comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Seeing as it is based on a play this story would have no trouble transitioning into a full-fledged musical comedy with flappers and all.

Ed Sheeran: A book that was more emotionally heavy than you expected it to be

This answer is the same as it was for the Coldplay answer except minus The Kite Runner. I knew The Kite Runner would do that to me. History Is All You Left Me is the one that slapped me in the face. I expected sadness and an aww or two. But what I was not ready for was for how heavy and emotionally spent this book would leave me. Even as I wrote the review for the book I cried and that has never happened before.

Miley Cyrus: A book that you still don’t understand

The Labyrinth Lost. If you follow me and saw my review then you understand how utterly lost I was when it came to this book. I would also say The Hazel Wood was another story that left me flabbergasted and confused. Both of them were books that I wanted to love but instead, I was left dumbfounded by what I even read.


Well, that is all for today, my lovely little nerds. I hope you enjoyed this simple tag and if you want to give it a go please do as I will not be tagging anyone today.



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