Dearest Clementine Book Review

Dearest Clementine by Lex Martin

Publication: May 25th, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Twenty-year-old Clementine Avery doesn’t mind being called bitchy and closed off. It’s safe, and after being burned by her high school sweetheart and stalked by a professor her freshman year of college, safe sounds pretty damn good. Her number one rule for survival? No dating. That is until she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class and needs material for her latest assignment. Sexy RA Gavin Murphy is more than happy to play the part of book boyfriend to help Clem find some inspiration, even if that means making out … in the name of research, of course. As Gavin and Clem grow closer, they get entangled in the mystery surrounding a missing Boston University student, and Clem unwittingly becomes a possible target. Gavin tries to show Clem she can handle falling in love again, but she knows she has to be careful because her heart’s at stake … and maybe even her life.

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“I’m tired of being so closed off. It hasn’t made me any stronger or braver. It hasn’t imparted any wisdom or comfort. It has just made me lonely.”

Dearest Clementine was a beautiful second chance college romance that had a dash of mystery. In this story, we follow Clementine, a girl who lost trust in family, friends, and men and Gavin, the RA, who wants nothing more than to help her rebuild trust. After her high school sweetheart cheated on her with her best friend and her college professor started to get violent and stalk her, Clem was done with men and dating. She has a passion for writing and when she accidentally signed up for a romance writing class, she is truly left feeling horrified. She has no personal experience to draw on and no desire to pursue anything romantic. Insert Gavin Murphy. He wants her but he also knows she’s the girl on campus who does not date. So, he makes a proposal to be her “book boyfriend” to help give her inspiration…what could go wrong??? As Clem and Gavin grow closer the case for a missing girl on campus, that Gavin is investigating for the newspaper, starts to hit close to home and scary because Clem might be the next target. This story is fast to read but has a lot of depth and memorable characters. I love all the growth we see and the subtle air of mystery.

“You were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. You have always mesmerized me.”

Gavin is a guy that speaks him mind and is very straight forward. He goes after what he wants and is very protective and loyal to his close friends and loves ones. He is a sexy RA who also plays guitar in Clementine’s friend band. Gavin was fun, flirty, sweet, and extremely swoon-worthy. He gave Clementine love, safety, and support from the very beginning. Clementine is a girl who has been burned by those closest to her (i.e. her ex, brother, mom, and dad.) This has left her icy and guarded. She is only half of the wild and fun girl she once was but she has to protect herself. She is the author of a highly successful YA book but she uses a pen name because she doesn’t want people to know all her dirty laundry. She had sworn off dating but Gavin slowly opened her up and she let her heart feel for the first time in so long.

“Ruin what?” He brushes the hair away from my eyes. “I might never be able to date another man.” He leans over and grazes my earlobe with his teeth, sending warm shivers down my arms. “That’s the plan.”

Lex Martin has a true knack for writing romance with a great plot. Even though this is contemporary/romance I felt completely sucked into the lives of the characters and the mysterious subplot. I felt myself drawn to the mystery of finding out about the missing girl and who was behind it. Martin was able to make a story with true depth and not just romance riddling the pages. The romance itself had depth with its second chance style trope. She also gave the characters a lot of emotional depth and even the side characters offered much to the story instead of just swaying in the back.

“Don’t apologize. You don’t have to explain yourself. I choose you. I want you.”

Gavin and Clementine were a slow burn in the emotional sense but not in the sensual sense. Their romance was swoon-worthy and gave me butterflies. Gavin is literally everything you could want in a man. The way he was so patient and protective of Clementine made my heart ache. This was not like other NA filled with sex it was actually much more subtle. The scenes were still intense and filled with sexual tension. It was incredibly sexy without being too much. I love NA and its content but sometimes stories with more tension than actual sex are equally sexy. Gavin is truly my soul mate. Their romance is funny, sweet, sexy and full of life. The way Martin wrote Gavin all patient with Clem and how he helped her in more ways than one was so heartwarming. He really understood her and all that she had been through. I loved how he respected her need to go slow and was patient in her trust building. He was in it for the long haul and never gave up.

“Don’t apologize. You don’t have to explain yourself. I choose you. I want you.”
“I want to warn you. I’m going to kiss you, and you’re going to like it. A lot.”
“I thought I loved Daren, and I did in a butterfly-and-hearts kind of way, but it was nothing like this. This is an asteroid shower on a summer night. A tidal wave crashing onto the breakers. Falling over the edge of Niagara Falls in an inner tube. Because I have fallen, irreparably for Gavin Murphy”


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