Wanna Bet? Book Review

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Wanna Bet? By Talia Hibbert 

Publication: April 21st, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance 


Jasmine Allen has many vices. Rahul Khan has just one: her. For the last seven years, Rahul’s been Jasmine’s closest friend. Sure, he’s strong, sexy, and deliciously stern—but she doesn’t care about that. She certainly isn’t tempted by his wicked smile or his genuine sweetness. She can’t be. Because everything Jas touches turns to dust. Rahul disagrees. Seven years ago, Jasmine touched him, and he’s still standing—still standing, and still hopelessly in love. When disaster drives Jasmine into his spare bedroom, Rahul prepares for a month of painful proximity to the woman he secretly wants. But when he realises that Jasmine just might want him, too… all bets are off. She’s wild. She’s reckless. She doesn’t know how to love, and she doesn’t intend to learn. But she’s also his. And in this game of desire, Rahul’s playing to win. Wanna Bet? is a steamy, standalone, BWAM romance. Warning: this book is 75,000 words of extreme pleasure, with NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy responsibly!***Please be aware: this story contains themes of parental neglect and abandonment, parental death, and alcohol dependence that could trigger certain audiences.***Add on Goodreads

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‘Her thighs were soft and rippled with stretch marks, like waves across an ocean’s surface. He was more than ready to drown. How could he separate loving Jas from loving her body- Jas, who was her body more than anyone he’d ever met, who’d had her soul in her eyes when she’d come for him?’

Plot & Writing
This story follows Rahul and Jasmine as they navigate their growing feelings for each other while working out their own inner turmoil. Wanna Bet starts off with Jasmine’s room in her shared apartment being flooded and needing a place to stay. As a girl who is a tad proud and doesn’t like taking handouts, she calls the one person she knows she can be transparent with. Her best friend Rahul. Flashback 7 years ago, we learn Jasmine has abandonment issues, thanks to her mom. She meets Rahul at college and eventually, they hook up. He had grown feelings for her but she doesn’t hook up with her friends. Rahul had to make a choice, be the one night hook up or be Jasmine’s friend if he wanted to continue to have her in his life. As much as it pained him he chose her friendship. Back in the present, they are the best of friends who finish each other’s sentences, can read each other, and rely on another at all times. Now Jasmine is living with him and Rahul has to curb his desire and love for her so that she doesn’t get scared and run off. But a few steamy moments make it clear that Jasmine might be feeling the same and now all bets are off. As they navigate this new thing together there are ups and downs, laughter, heartbreak, and growth.

Jasmine Allen is beautiful, wild, reckless, and wants nothing to do with love. She is down to hook up but anything beyond that is too much. More than that she doesn’t hook up with friends. Rahul Khan is strong, sexy, smart, stern, and likes his life in order. He doesn’t hook up with friends either unless that friend’s name is Jasmine then he would 100% love to do that and more. These two are complete opposites and the best of friends. This friend to lovers trope had my heart melting because of Jasmine and Rahul. I loved the voices the author gave them and how we really got to know them. The book was a dual point of view and we got a lot of Rahul which I actually loved because of his mind and how he thought. My favorite thing about their characters was how much depth they had especially with Jasmine’s past and Rahul’s need to be the man for his family since his dad passed. I just enjoyed these two so much and I was really happy they got their happily ever after. The growth was one of the best things because it was steady and realistic.

Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!! The romance and sensual times will leave you hot and bothered. OMG, so many swoon-worthy moments and times like when Rahul said: “Let me play with you.” I combusted and died right on the spot. His desire for Jasmine will leave you breathless because wow he wants her heart, body, and soul. He literally worships every inch of her and this man knows what he is doing let me tell you. I love the dynamic because she is the wild one and he is stern but in the bedroom he really takes charge and I melted. AND SHE WAS HIS FIRST AND IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY HIS ONLY AND IT JUST REALLY WAS SO CUTE AND SEXY! Also, I forgot to mention this was such a beautiful interracial couple. And let me tell you card games and gambling have never been sexier and more intriguing to me than in this book. You won’t look at cards the same people.

‘He’d upset her. And now he felt like tearing his own heart out of his chest, and offering it in apology- but, realistically, all that blood would upset her even more.’


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