The Volanis Brothers Trilogy

Volanis Brothers Trilogy by Meg Jackson

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Kennick (Book 1)
Kim’s breath caught in her throat as she saw the first man enter. Kennick. He was smiling distractedly as his brothers filed in after him, his strong profile making her want to squirm in her seat. Some call them Roma, some call them Gypsies, and most people know them as no good; it’s a hard time to be a Romani. The Volanis brothers, particularly Kennick Volanis, know this better than anyone. No one in the town of Kingdom is happy when the Romani settlement arrives in town. But the problem falls into the hands of Kimberly James. She’s the mayor’s assistant, and it’s up to her to revitalize the town. From the moment she sees the brothers, and Kennick in particular, she feels an irresistible attraction. Then she realizes, maybe the Roma aren’t her problem. Maybe they could be her solution.
Cristov (Book 2)
“I might be cocky, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” Cristov growled. “And from last night’s performance, I’d guess that you could say the same.”. After spending one night with Cristov Volanis, Ricky is certain she never wants to see him again. It was too good. She wants to focus on her career — she doesn’t have time for a complicated relationship. And Cristov is one of the Volanis Brothers, so dating him would get complicated. Cristov feels an attraction to Ricky so strong he doesn’t want to admit it. And the way she kicked him out the morning after just makes him want her more. But he’s got plenty to distract himself with. An enemy of the Volanis Brothers hires a bloodthirsty motorcycle club to take them down. The Steel Dragons MC will stop at nothing to get the Volanis Brothers out of town. The brothers are tough, but the club has found a weak spot. It’s Cristov, because he’s fallen for Ricky.
Damon (Book 3)
Damon was supposed to be the rock. The strongest link in the chain. The stable one. He hadn’t been fulfilling that role, but the fight in Miami would change all that. Damon Volanis has been keeping a secret from his family for twenty years. A secret so dark and scarring that it determined the whole shape of his life. It’s the reason he started fighting, the driving force that has kept him searching for something – desperate to put his soul to rest. Finally, a year after the gypsies arrived in Kingdom, the chance to redeem himself and bury his secret for good has come along. One last fight. Tricia isn’t sure she’s ready to return to Kingdom, so when Damon offers her a chance to escape it all for a few more weeks, she takes it, even though it’s the craziest thing she’s ever done. He needs the chance to fix what was broken. She needs the chance to settle her soul.

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This was a great book to get me out of my slump I swear. It was quick and easy to read. Plus it was incredibly sexy. I loved how I was able to just enjoy it and not think too much which is exactly what I needed. The writing of the book is easy enough and simple. The dialogue was funny, witty, and sexy. When the moments got tense or sad I really felt it. I loved these characters and really felt their emotions. Kennick was sexy and super caring. He was truly amazing as a leader. Kim was another amazing person. I loved how outspoken she was. She was also caring and truly loved her town.

This story follows the first of the Volanis Brothers & sister, Kennick, and his love interest Kim. Kennick is the Rom Baro or leader of the Romani clan. 30 years prior, Pieter, the Volanis siblings father, was accused of murdering the love of his life in a small town. The people of the town ran him and his people out. Now, Kennick and the Romani people are going back to clear his name. Here Kennick meets Kim, the mayor’s assistant. Kim is a small town girl who loves her town and wants to save it from its impending poverty. Kennick is also dealing with a traitor among the clan who think he deserves Kennick’s position. Kim and Kennick help each other and grow closer to each other.

It was sexy and so fun. I loved them as a couple and how much they cared for one another. I also loved how they cared for each other’s things but still stayed true to their own selves and people. Their sensual scenes were incredibly sexy and Kennick was swoon-worthy.



This is the second story in the Volanis Brothers trilogy following Cristov Volanis and Ricky (Kim’s sister.) Cristov is more is more roudy then Kennick and not as level-headed. He is the youngest brother and sometimes struggles with his position in the clan. Ricky is the wild, drunk, writer. She parties harder then Kim is a town gossip since she is a journalist. She stays away from love and responsibility and just wants to have a good time. This book was just as sexy as book one. I really enjoyed how quick and easy it was to read. I could not put it down. These two were so fun and witty. I loved being in their minds especially since they are such opposites. Their story and romance had a lot of depth and it was incredibly intriguing. I loved reading about their personal struggles especially Ricky and seeing how they overcame them.

After a one night stand, Cristov became hooked on Ricky. He wanted more of her but Ricky felt that one night was a mistake. But the truth of the matter is, no one pleased her in bed the way Cristov did because no one knew what she liked the way he seemed to. She means to stay away from him but when he comes to her with some research her journalist heart can’t resist. The traitor in the clan is still around and they have sent someone dangerous after the Volanis brothers. The Steel Dragons are a dangerous biker gang wanted by many towns and they are now trying to run Cristov and his brothers out of town. They fight back but they especially come at Cristov hard since he starts to focus a lot on Ricky. As they grow closer things with the Steel Dragons heat up.

This romance had a light, light, light BDSM feel. Cristov is very romantic and soft but in the bedroom, he is very domineering. Ricky is very outspoken and brash but in the bedroom, she is very submissive. It was sexy and fun. The way they could switch it up from one minute to the next was exciting and I enjoyed it a lot. Their romance was more intriguing then Kennick and Kim’s but only because of how angsty it was lol. But just like Kennick, Cristov made me swoon just as much.



This one was 100% my fave in the trilogy. I loved Damon and Tricia’s character. I loved how the balanced each other out and how they each brought something out of the other. Damon is a bit of a hard shell and more stern/the stable one but he is filled with wisdom and a lot of love. He is actually a major sweetie and a man who will protect those who need it. Tricia is a fun and joyous but the memories of what happened to her changed her a bit. She wants to let go and be free of the haunting past. She is loyal and can put Damon is his place when it is needed. I love how outspoken she is with him and how she made sure she trusted him before giving her heart to him. Their story was pretty intense and more story driven which I loved since they had a lot to work through.

Now we follow Damon, the middle Volanis brother, and Tricia, Ricky and Kim’s friend. This story starts out a few months after the events of Cristov’s story. The Steel Dragons appear to be gone. But ar they really? The traitor is gone. Or is he being held captive? Damon and Tricia met after the Steel Dragons held her captive to get to the brother and they saved her especially Damon who did something that will follow him forever. Tricia had to go into witness protection while the bikers were on trial and Damon’s relationship with his family was a little strained due to some hidden secrets. When Tricia comes back to life in her small town she feels too much like an outsider. Damon is on his way to Florida to settle something that has been haunting him since a child and has left him feeling separate from his family and clan. As he is heading out, Tricia goes to meet him and ends up going on an unplanned trip to Florida with a man who saved her life. But when they finally arrive Damons plan to let go of his past might have some linkage to the dangerous dragons. As Trica and Damon grow closer, grow an understanding of each other, and draw near to Florida secrets come out and the danger is far from over.

Damon and Tricia were my favorite romance out of the three. Of course just as the others this book and romance was incredibly sexy but more of a slow burn. I love a great slow burn and boy was this one. Damon wanted to wait until Tricia really trusted him before they even kissed so, I felt like I was always on edge until they finally did. But their banter was intriguing, sexy, and filled with romantic tension. My favorite thing though was how alike they were in their pain. Characteristic wise, they were different but, emotionally and past wise they were similar. This similarity made their relationship odd to their friends and family because only Damon and Tricia understood that pain.


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