Totally Should’ve Book Tag

My friend over at AEB Book Reviews recently did this book tag on her page. This looked like a fun one so I wanted to do it on my page. This tag is all about what books totally should have done in my humble opinion lol.


1. Totally should’ve… Gotten a sequel

For me it would have to be Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I need more Baz and Simon. They were one of the best enemies to lovers story I read and I need more. I want to know about life after they saved everyone. *IT IS GETTING A SEQUEL WHEN I WROTE THIS IS DID NOT BUT AHHHHH*

2. Totally should’ve… Had a spin-off series

Amour Amour by Krista & Becca Ritchie. I want to know about the other Katova’s especially Timo & John. They deserve a whole trilogy on just them.

3. An author who should… Totally write more books

McKelle George. Speak Easy, Speak Love was an amazing retelling and I need so many more from her. I want a million more retellings by her.

4. Totally should’ve… Ended differently

Allegiant!!! My good sis Tris survived everything but one little thing kills her off? I hated it and my son Four didn’t deserve to lose the love of his life.

5. Totally should’ve… Had a movie franchise

The Percy Jackson series and The Heroes of Olympus series 1,000,000,000,000,000,000%. This franchise could’ve been the next Twilight or Harry Potter. I am so upset that this series was done so dirty.

6. Totally should’ve… Had a TV series

The Asylum series would make for such a spooky and fun TV show. I could see this getting four seasons for each book and I will make a petition for this now.

7. Totally should’ve… Only had one point of view

I actually enjoy more than one point of view so for me I won’t say anything.

8. Totally should… Have a cover change

81kdT-dWEZL         vicious

As much as I love the old Vicious cover that new one WOW!!!! That cover is sinisterly glorious.

9. Totally should’ve… Have kept the original covers

flameinthemist          9781473657984

Flame in the Mist was such a fantastic cover. I love the new ones for the representation though so this answer sucks really lmao. 

10. Totally should’ve… Stopped at one book

Labyrinth Lost. The book itself was terrible so I don’t know how anyone is going to sit through book two but I 100% opted out.


Again, I won’t be tagging anyone but please feel free to do it.


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