Are You A Bad Blogger?

Today I will be answering some blogging questions that will help me take a look at my blogging and my habits. I think this is a nice overview of questions because sometimes we get caught in our heads and need to take a step back. I love blogging and the stats will never deter me from having a good time.


Are you a book blogger?

Yes. But I blog about my artwork, my life, and things that I like in general as well so that my blog isn’t just a boring blog with the same content. I try to do tags, awards, reviews, discussions, top tens, etc. so that my blog can stay exciting and fun to read.

Do you have 100 or more followers?

Yes. At the moment I am at 400+ followers. With each month I grow more and more and it really makes me excited how far I am coming.

Do you have 1,000 or more followers?

At the moment no I do not. But, I am so close so before the end of this year, I should accomplish this goal. I never even imagined having 100 followers let alone the number I have now. So, having 1,000 is just insane because I can’t believe that many of you care what I have to say. It means so much that you guys are enjoying this blog.

Do you have 10,000 or more followers?

Again, I do not. I will jump for joy the day I reach this big whopping number lol.

Do you blog daily?

No. I blog four times a week but since I have been on a review hiatus it has been twice a week. I blog Mondays and Saturdays for bookish things or life things and on Wednesdays and Thursdays are set aside for book reviews. Sometimes if I have a crazy week things have to be shifted but 99% of the time this is my set schedule. Also, I publish them live at 11 99% of the time as well unless again something hinders me from doing so.

Do you read other blogs daily?

I try to. Life is so busy with work, my master’s degree program, my own blogging, and doing other hobbies/going out that I don’t get to read every day. But, I do set aside time every week at least 2 to three times a week to read others posts. I believe in showering my blogger friends with love to keep them encouraged and so they know they will always have a fan out there of their blog.

Do you comment on lots of blog posts?

Yes. I comment on 99% of the blog posts that I read. Even if they book or the topic is not something I necessarily like or know about I still take time to read and let them know they did an awesome job with the post.

Do you receive ARC’s?

I have received ARCs. I have gotten tons of eARCS and 2 finished copies of books from authors. 

Do you review all your ARC’s before their release date?

I prioritize the ones asked of me specifically but sadly I can’t get everyone done before the release date. But I do try and I do review all the ones I get on NetGalley.

Do you use Social Media for your blog?

Yes. I post my blogs on my personal Facebook and on my Twitter.

Do you participate in memes?

Yes, but not necessarily on the days, they are on. Since I have a strict schedule that I stick to and plan six months in advance I just post the memes whenever it is set in my schedule. But, I know people love reading them so I 100% incorporate them into my blogging.

Do you write original content/discussion posts?

Yes. Sometimes I look up ideas but even with those the content and graphics are my original creations and words. But when I don’t look up ideas it is 100% my original content as well.

Do you have authors on your blog? 

I have not yet. I would like to and the ones I really want are a bit ambitious because they are big names but I still have hope. But, I also would do it for smaller/indie authors I just have not been asked or come around to doing it yet.

Are you a grammar Nazi? 

Yes and no. I like to sound as eloquent and educated as I am when typing but we all make mistakes. I am a stickler for grammar like their, there, and they’re. Or to, too, and two. I would say I am 75% a grammar Nazi and 25% not.

Are you plain, vanilla, boring and bland? 

I am not sure if this question means what I think it does or if this is totally innocent and all about blogging. So, all I will say is I am 1000000%, not vanilla and I won’t be elaborating on that. Make of that what you will.

Are you a follower of the power of positivity and are always positive? 

Yes and no. Online I probably seem like a ray of sunshine and happiness. As a Christain, I love people and always claim God first. But, if we are honest here I am misanthropic, pessimistic 50% of the time, I don’t like people and sarcasm is my only defense. But, I do stay positive when it comes to my dreams, goals, and aspirations. Everything else not so much. Put it to you this way, my family/best friends are the only ones who get a genuine smile and laughter from me. Online people to but they are not nearly as insufferable and annoying as people in everyday life.

Do you think that everyone is equal within the book blogger community?

I don’t really pay attention to hierarchy on here. I just do what I love and enjoy myself. I don’t care about being equal to someone who has more followers. I know I will always be myself, genuine, and whether you have 100,000 followers or 10 I won’t look down on you.

Are you and your blog awesome? 

Hell yeah.

Do you see yourself as being a pillar of the book blogger community and setting a good example for book bloggers? 

I hope so.



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17 thoughts on “Are You A Bad Blogger?

  1. You and your blog are awesome! 😀

    If you’re ever looking for an author, you can always reach out to me! I just self-published my book, Not Like Everyone Else this past June and am working on several other projects. I’d love to be a guest on your blog! 🙂


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