June Wrap Up


Hiya peeps. I know this is late so please sit back and I will explain it all. As you know my life is a bit hectic at the moment which is why I have taken a break when it comes to book reviews. I did write and post a few but it will be sporadic as I said. Thank you to those who are still with me and understanding. Going to school full time for my Masters is not easy and adding work is a lot too. So, I am still going to be taking a break. I am slow with my reading and will hopefully pick it up by next month but I will be adjusting my TBRs for the rest of the year based on my slump lol. I am 16 books ahead of schedule for my reading challenge but I am 16 books behind schedule as well lol. I did have a really great haul in June. I got both the UK & US Vicious covers, Queendom of the Seven Lakes, Smoke in the Sun, Found in Night, All Of This Is True, Execution, The Cruel Prince, and Legendary. I also got some clothes and makeup/skincare stuff. I have some exciting news. Drum roll, please…MY ARTWORK IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED THIS DECEMBER. I am so excited and my heart is so full. This is a huge opportunity for me and I am so proud of myself. I also am going to be SELLING MY ARTWORK ON RED BUBBLE.

As far as what I did this month, I had a really nice month. I visited Stone Mountain for the first time and I don’t ever want to do that again lol. I went to a few BBQ’s and the food is always super delicious. Lastly, I went on a family vacation to Florida/Disney. We had so much fun you guys and I finally met the LOML Belle. I met tons of characters this time and ate a lot of good food. The firework show at Magic Kingdom actually made me tear up because it was so nostalgic and beautiful. I am linking it so you can all hear the magic. I must also mention I am trudging along on my Kingdom Hearts play gearing up for the Orchestra on July 26th and for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Lastly, let’s break down my blogging stats. I wrote 16 blog posts. I received 836 views, 356 visitors, 287 likes, and 139 comments. I also reached 451 followers. My stats are not as high but honestly, I am no longer worried and I just want to have fun.

The Best Thing I Did This Month: FLORIDA (SOME PICKS BELOW)

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Favorite Art Project I Completed6_june_drawing

Now let’s take an inside view of what went down in June!


nosestuckinabooklogo_Artboard 3nosestuckinabooklogo_Artboard 4


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7 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

  1. Take your time to adjust and relax! I guess a small break often helps with getting back into flow with things. As usual, I love your artwork and do let us know when you’ve put your artwork up on Red Bubble (I’ll keep my eyes peeled!) Also, I like the new format you used for presenting your July Wrap Up!

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