How I Met My Book #1

I saw a post on my friend Nada’s (Early Bookish Bird) blog. She started the meme #howimetmybook. So, how it goes is you answer three questions about said book or series: Where did we get the book? How old was I? What made us pick it up in the first place?border-04


So, I wanted to go with an oldie but to this is still such a goodie. This was a series and specifically, the first one really introduced me to other big named books in YA. I have always been a huge reader I mean I taught myself to read and had a library since I was a child. But this was when I started really reading series and learning all about different genres and not just about the books in our school library. I was also learning all about what I liked and disliked in books. I think before these books it was the Clique series books that I read books that the books were a continuation of the previous.

What made me pick it up in the first place? So, I didn’t read Twilight before the movie came out. I was in eighth grade when the first movie came out. I remember EVERYONE EVERYWHERE had one of the books in their hand. I could not escape them. I was curious but I was never one to follow the waves so I just never picked it up. Then on the bus when Twilight came out on DVD my friend Stephanie had it. I was curious what it was about and so I watched it with her. I got hooked. I wanted to know more so she let me borrow the DVD. I watched it at home and fell IN LOVE. The next day I asked her all about the books. She told me about them and that is when I made my decision. I MUST READ THEM.

Where did I pick it up? If I remember correctly I bought them or my Titi Barbara gave them to me. I truly am not certain of which one as it was about 10 or 11 years ago when I was in eighth grade. But I owned the books myself that much is certain. I read each book in a week. I finished the whole series in a month and my family then discovered I was gone for books in a way they would never comprehend lol. They also discovered I could read fast as hell. As you can guess after that I was at the movie theater every year for the movies and own all the movies. That was such a fun time in my young fangirl life. The anticipation, the build-up, the hype, the mayhem, the Team Edward vs Jacob (Edward for the win obviously) was just all apart of the fun experience. I got my dad into the movies actually and it was a yearly thing and I miss those times lol. We need another YA series that will have that type of impacts like Harry Potter and Twilight did.

How old was I? In eighth grade, I was 14. Little ol’ me fell hard for these books and the movies. They will always have a special spot in my heart. Anyone who trashes them now just doesn’t enjoy life lol. These were not meant to be some exquisitely written or thought-provoking works of literature. They were meant to be fun, thrilling, sexy, and easy to read. Stephanie Meyer hit the mark and people can not deny the incredible impact that they held. I cried when the books were done and especially when the movies were done. That era of my fangirl life was done but I won’t ever forget it.

Have any of you read these? How did you meet them?



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2 thoughts on “How I Met My Book #1

  1. I admit I used to trash Twilight for no particular reason , but as the years went on, I found out how much of a delight it was to many people, and how they love it because it is meant for the excitement that happens between the characters, their relationships and all… If a book can do that, then it’s a pretty great book after all

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