Recent Art Projects

I wanted to update you all on the projects I have been doing these past three months. I will be showing you some personal art, work stuff, and makeup art. I hope you enjoy my work. If you see anything you like and maybe would like to buy feel free to speak to me and we can work something out or if you have a commission.


“Sami Burton”


Medium Used: Pen & Ink, colored pencil

This was my April project. I wanted to do a drawing of my sister as a Tim Burton character. This was so fun and just a cute simple drawing that I wanted to try out.

“Faerie King”



Medium Used: Pen & Ink, colored pencil

For my May project, I really wanted to draw an elf king. I have always wanted to draw a faerie and I loved the idea of making a king.



Medium Used: Pen & Ink, marker, charcoal pencil, watercolor, and colored pencils

My June project was all about drawing an animal. I didn’t want to draw a real animal so I went with a unicorn. This was super fun and I loved getting a little crazy with this.

Foresight Newsletter

Medium Used: InDesign and Illustrator

At my job, I create the whole newsletter for the company. I wanted to show you guys the front covers for April, May, June, and some inside spreads.

“Night & Day”

Medium Used: Acrylic Paint

One Sunday afternoon I looked on Google and found a fun project to do. I love painting on all surfaces body included. So, this was super fun and enjoyable.









Medium Used: Illustrator

This was a personal project that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to work on making icons so I created 30 different ones across 6 different categories (objects, food, buildings/7 wonders, nature, animals, and electronics.


These are the projects I have done and I hope you liked them 🙂 Which one is your favorite??


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