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Some Kind of Perfect by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Published: May 20th, 2016

Genre: New Adult Romance


Falling in love was just the beginning. The conclusion to the epic ten-book series about the unbreakable strength of family, friendship, and love. Lily & Lo are back one final time. Childhood best friends and soul mates. Ryke & Daisy are back one final time. Wild risk-takers and flirty adventurers. Connor & Rose are back one final time. Genius rivals and intellectual teammates. Ten years of laughter. Of heartache. And love.

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“We’re so much better together than we are separate.”

The plot to this story took readers through the years of the core six from where Long Way Down ended. Readers got to experience and enjoy all the births of their kids and some trials and tribulations they faced along the way. It was a beautiful ending to this series and gave nice closure. I especially loved seeing how the kids got the personalities that we are experiencing in the Like Us series (i.e. Charlie, Maximoff, Luna, Sulli, Xander, Ben, et cetera.) So, while the story is from the point of view of Lily, Lo, Rose, Connor, Daisy, and Ryke we still got to enjoy the characteristics of the kids and what they dealt with as famous kids. The pace was not slow or fast it was in between. I read the book in two days so it was extremely easy to read and get through. But, as it goes through their life and this is not an action novel obviously this wasn’t some fast-paced thriller. It was mellow and enjoyable. Also, as I said, it was in the core six’s point of view so we got to hear about all of their lives and how they dealt with the kids growing. I loved that we got to read about them talking about how they would deal with their kids and their past but, I would have liked to see the kids reaction to it all and a talk between them all and the adults. Mostly the older kids since they were only telling them for now so it would have been nice to see. 

I’m the raging blizzard and the f****** wildfire. There is nothing that will stand in my way of what I want and what I will achieve.

I wonder how many people meet the person they once were and feel like they’re staring at a stranger. I’m happy my son will never meet that man. I’m happy Lily has the husband she deserves. And I’m happy for me. Because I finally love who I am.

And Lo mumbles one of the greatest truths of our lives. “I have the best brother.”

Loren might not have been a Calloway sister, but he’s been more of a brother to me than any other man in my life.

Love is power, and I can’t tell you why. It transcends every word I can conjure. In these catalytic moments, love surges through me like battalions made of fire and water. Made of ivory and rose. I awaken and I know. I come second. I will always put them first.

The writing, as usual, was stunning. I love how quotable their books are. It was super apparent in this book how distinct the authors make every voice. We had six points of views and not once did I ever feel the characters sounded similar especially between the girls and guys. My favorite mind to be in was definitely Connor because of how he thinks and processes information. My favorite girl to read about was Rose because of how similar we are. I also love how distinctly different they made the couples as a unit in personality and parenting but each was so well. They raised their kids differently but they all raised amazing kids who had nothing but love, care, and support in their lives. The Cobalts were the regal and intellectual family. The Hales were the outgoing and nerdy family. The Meadows were the free-spirited and wild family. All so different yet they came together as one beautiful unit and family. 

Lo turned to me that day and said, “You and me—we raise superheroes.”

“You can hate me for two days, Maximoff, but I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

I lift myself off the ground, quickly reaching for the next handhold, placing my feet. I rise. I climb. And I hear the soulful call of the mountains. Hello again, old friend.

Our eyes, our bodies, and our souls—they never abandon each other.

“The entire universe,” I affirm. “Your worth isn’t dictated by the number of friends you have. You can have zero friends and still be the most amazing, spectacular person in the whole galaxy. You want to know why?” “Why?” Her voice is meek, but the waterworks have ended. “Because the love friends give you isn’t even comparable to the love you give yourself. Do you love who you are, Luna Hale?”

These characters were amazing. I have talked about the adults many times so I want to talk about the kids. As I said, we got to still learn a bit about the kids and how they established who they are in the Like Us series. I will go through each family to talk about what I learned. The Cobalts will go first since they had an empire lol. I loved their family dinner on Wednesday and how Rose and Connor taught them to use their words. Jane is a queenly little girl with a preposterous fashion sense and so much self-love. Charlie is literally a little genius who comes and goes like the wind. Beckett is a graceful boy who will dance his way into the world’s heart. Tom and Elliot are two peas in a pod. They are evil geniuses who cause chaos and trouble everywhere but are loyal to the family to a fault. Ben is the most unique out of them. The rest are practical thinkers but Ben is a magical thinker who is out to save the world. Audrey at the time in the book is just a little gremlin filled with wonder. The Hales love for fandoms and pop culture make them easily the most relatable. I love how Lily and Loren let them be individuals (even if it differs from them i.e. Maximoff loves DC) and teach them to dream, be magical, and never change. Maximoff is the family helper. He wants to do everything he can to make sure his family is safe and loved. Luna is the resident alien and fanfiction writer. She enjoys life and creates a magical world for herself. Xander is the shy little pup. He hates the cameras and is a major introvert who loves the fantasy world over reality. Kinney is a spitfire. She hasn’t established her goth self yet but she 100% is on her way. Lastly, we have the crazies. The Meadows live life to the fullest from the oldest to the youngest. I love that Ryke and Daisy take them on all their adventures and teach their daughters to take this life and make it theirs. Sullivan is a girl who is just like her dad while still being an individual. She loves swimming but she pushes herself to be her best. Winona can’t sit still like her mom and has a huge love for wildlife. I also want to mention I loved Willow and Garrison.

“Then you’re the queen of your own galaxy.”

We speak of moving mountains, but sometimes people can completely rotate the world, just so someone else can land upright on their feet.

“I’m surrounded by stupid people in a stupid world and everyone does stupid things, and it’s slow. It’s so slow.”

Our histories may contain darkness, but there is great light.

“I’ve always loved winning, but I would lengthen the time it takes us to reach the end, just to spend one more second with you.”

The romance and love for family are so good. I want to talk about family first. I always said these authors have a real knack for writing family plots and the love of family in general. But they don’t make it unrealistic. Everything is not always perfect and go lucky. They brought in different family issues when it came to the core six and their parents or the lack of parents. They talked about mental health issues, addictions, pregnancy issues, bodily issues, etc. They tapped into a lot of things but displayed them in a respectful manner to people who might have truly gone through this. And my favorite thing is the close-knit family the core six created despite their parents, not all being the greatest or them not being close to them. Of course, they have arguments, disagreements, they raise their kids differently, etc. but everything ends in love. Which brings me to the romance. I love how far the couples have come since the beginning. They have grown and they are truly showing their kids what healthy loving relationships are yet how different they can be. Rose and Connor are more turned on by words and intellect. They don’t have to always touch but you still feel the love coming from them. Lily and Lo can’t get enough of touching each other and they help keep each other sober from their addictions. You feel their love because of how all-consuming it is. Daisy and Ryke are in between. They don’t have to always touch to be sensual they are turned on by the thrill of life with each other. But you really see their love in their smiles and how they help each other mentally. So much love is in this family.

“You have choices,” I say gently. “You will always have choices. We respect yours, and it will pain us to watch you leave. We would let you go because that’s your desire. Is that what you truly want?”

Every child meets our eyes, smiling as though they’ve obtained knowledge and secrets of the world. Each individually unique. Each with a mind of their own. Each proud and in love with who they are. I expected no less.

Jane looks between Rose and me, and very strongly, she says, “Ensemble.” “Ensemble,” our children then exclaim at once. My lips pull upward into a blinding grin. Rose is moved, fingers to her own lips, and her fiery yellow-green eyes meet my calm deep blue. I skim the base of her neck with my hand. We draw our gazes to our children. Fire and water upon them. We tell all seven the one word that has breathed inside of us from the moment we met. We say, “Ensemble.” Together.

Every moment is wild, even the quiet ones.

No words need to f******* pass. No radio needs to be flipped on. Our music exists right here. We’re alive. We’re alive. God, we’re all f****** alive. In this present moment. In this place together.

“These years have been epic, and not because it was easy—because it wasn’t always—but because you and me, we flew.”

As we watch our kids, joy coating their faces, childlike wonder in their eyes, I remember every moment I spent with Lo where we said we can’t. Where we said we shouldn’t. Not people like us. This isn’t meant for us. I realize something. So I tell him. “I think we finally deserve this.” Tears spill out of his eyes, and he says, “I believe it, too.”

Ache for ache. Smile for smile. I only ever wanted to live this life with her.

I loved this series and I am so happy it continues with the kids as the main protagonists in the Like Us series. These were fun, romantic, sexy, sad, loving, and everything in between. I highly recommend this series. I cried reading the last passage that Lo said because it was coming to an end. But books never end they live on inside us and I find that beautiful.

Just as the sun rises. With the six of us on this hill and the packed lake house behind us—I feel sentiments far beyond this sunrise, this morning, this moment. We filled an empty house. I’m thirty-seven. Just yesterday I was twenty and meeting some of these people—people that I’d spend my life with, that’d become my home. Just yesterday I was twenty—still deeply and desperately in love with my best friend. I grew older. We all grow older. In a blink of an eye, our children will grow old too. And I’ll think: just yesterday they were twenty. Headed for college. Falling in love. Memories will flood behind us, the lake house no longer filled to the brim. As quiet as the moment we first walked in—and we’ll sit on this hill. Feeling the stillness that exists. And then we end—we end where we started. Just us. All six of us.


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