Top 10 Books I’ll Never Read

So, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post curated by The Broke and the Bookish. As you know I do not post on Tuesdays so Monday it is. I saw all my followers do this one Tuesday and I liked this topic. For me, these books are ones that have been recommended to me time and time again. Some of them I did want to read but as I went to buy books they just never interested me enough. Slowly, they started going down my list to the point where I just took them off after awhile.border-04

Top 10 

 1) Harry Potter

At this point, I have heard a lot of problematic things about J.K. Rowling and that as people have re-read the stories they just don’t have the same feeling they did as when they were younger. Also, that is just too many books for me to want to read and get through.

2) The Maze Runner

I LOVED these movies so much and I know all the spoilers so at this point it would be a waste to read them since I know everything. They did seem awesome though so I would recommend them to someone who has not read them or seen the movies.

3) The Lunar Chronicles

This was a series I wanted to read but someone I trust when it comes to book recommendations told me not to waste my money. I always wanted to read them but I never felt the urge to buy them and as I looked more into them I cared less and less so off my TBR they went.

4) John Green Books

As you all know I am not a huge contemporary fan. I only like a certain type and John Green books are in the type I don’t like. I read one of his books and it was cute but not enough to want to read any others. The rest seemed super boring and cliche.

5) Simon Vs.

This is a book that maybe one day years down the line I might pick up but its a 99% chance I won’t ever do that. The book sounds so good and the movie was very good. But, since I saw the movie and have read hundreds of reviews this year I know everything that happens in this books lol.

6) The Lord of The Rings trilogy

The Hobbit was such a boring book. This is a prime example of the movie being better than the book. I was so disappointed in the Hobbit it really turned me off of this trilogy and I just don’t feel they will compare to the movies. So, this is forever staying off my TBR.

7) Sarah J. Maas Books

Again, a girl I completely trust with book recommendations told me all about these books and this author and I am just not interested. I do love the fanart and some of her books covers that I have seen but, the books are not my cup of tea at all.

8) Unravel Me Series

This series I see all over twitter and bookstagram. I hated the covers but they were so hyped I had to look them up and see what they were all about. After my research though I discovered they were not up my alley.

9) Stephen King Books

This is at the bottom because some of his books could make their way to my TBR but most of them will not. His books are mostly not things that interest me but there are one or two that seem like they could be interesting to me.

10) Game of Thrones series

I don’t really care for the show and there are too many books in this series. It sounded like a good epic fantasy but at this point for me it is just pointless.

So, those are all the books that I will never read. What are some books you will never read?


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19 thoughts on “Top 10 Books I’ll Never Read

  1. I do agree with you when it comes to John Green. I have read two of his books so far and I feel he is over hyped. It’s funny the first time I read Looking for Alaska, I loved it. I reread it maybe last year and I didn’t like it at all. I can also understand about not reading Harry Potter. I feel it has a special place because my Dad use to read them to me. If that wasn’t the case I don’t think I would try to read them. Plus I feel J.K. Rowling is always trying to change her story with certain things about the book to get people talking. I feel it is super unnecessary. I am sad to see Stephen King and Game of Thrones on this list.

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  2. I’m with you on leaving Lord of the Rings off my reading list – quite an unpopular opinion amongst my friends so it’s nice to see someone who agrees! The Hobbit was hard work, and the LoTR films are just so good.

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  3. It’s sad to hear you probably won’t read Simon Vs. but I totally understand being that you saw the movie. I think part of the love for the book is the mystery of who Blue is and the built-up romance between them. Which you clearly get in the movie. I agree with not reading Sarah J. Mass or Stephen King though. Neither of their books is something I have an interest in reading.

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  4. Well I’m getting more in love with HP the more I read it. TLC is pretty great for me but I undesrtand why you don’t want to read it. And I totally agree on SJM books 🤣


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