The School Book Tag

Hey, guys, I am back with another fun tag. I was not nominated for this one but my friends over at The Book Dutchesses did this tag and it looked fun. I am just going to get right into this one today.

border-04Biology: A book I would like to dissect.


I actually did that with this book for my senior paper in highschool. I wrote all about the touch of homosexuality in the story and what made it so significant in the book. I want to find the paper so I can post it here on my blog because I loved it a lot.

Chemistry: A book I really bonded to.

The Broken Empire trilogy is here because these books are my favorite of all time. Everything about them is what I love in a fantasy and I couldn’t put them down. Kis the Sky is here because I bonded to this on a personal level since the female character is like me and the relationship is what I am looking for.

Literature: A book that should be a modern classic.


Honestly, I believe all of Victoria Schwab’s books will become classics that people read in 50 years time saying these are 100 classics I must read before I die. She does everything right and if we can read Shakespeare in school we should be reading Schwab also.

Algebra: A book that has two characters that equal perfection.


Khalid and Shazi are the loves of my life. I want to protect them at all costs and everything they have is beautiful and let me go cry.

Music: A book that reminds me of a song.


Music was a huge part of this book so it doesn’t remind me of specific songs but just songs, in general, remind me of the story,

P.E. A book I raced to the finish with.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 3.39.53 PM

I was so addicted to this trilogy I finished these books in one day.

Physics: A book with a lot of potential.


I am only keeping this book on my shelves now strictly because of cover porn (I have the original cover.) This book had so much potential to be everything I loved and it just did nothing for me.


I’m not going to tag anyone today, but if you feel like doing this tag, just tag yourself. If you do post this tag, let me know. I would love to see your answers! And that is all! Hope you all enjoyed this post! Have an awesome day.


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