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Hi, lovelies! So, for today I am doing the seven facts about me tag!!! I was nominated by one of my coolest blog friends Chole over at The Spooky Red Head. Thank you for nominating me and please check out her blog. I am not going to say facts that you all know or that are simple facts. I want to try and give you some interesting ones that aren’t common knowledge or ones that you could guess based off of my social media. Let us get into this, shall we? Here are the rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
2) Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
3) Share 7 things about yourself
4) Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
5) Include this set of rules
6) Inform your nominees


Seven Facts About Me

  1. We are going to start out with a fun fact. When I was a baby I actually never learned to walk first. I got up one day and just started running. So, I learned to run before I learned to walk.
  2. Another fact from childhood is because my birthday is in October and the school year starts in September in PA, I had to start a year late. So, when I was supposed to be in school at 5 I had to wait till I was six.
  3. To combat with fact number 3 I actually caught up to my rightful grade by graduating high school a year early 🙂
  4. My name Kathryn comes from the TV show Beauty and The Beast from 1987 and interestingly enough the movie and Belle are my favorites.
  5. I learned I couldn’t work in customer service jobs when I was 18 and told a lady that if she wanted her coffee scolding hot then she was welcome to come behind the counter and do her damn self. I quit Dunkin Donuts that same year I started lol.
  6. My dream is to one day do some kind of work with Pixar.
  7. I don’t have my license because I have been afraid to drive my whole life but, I am finally learning and will get it this year.
  8. In my 23 years of life, I have had one boyfriend and one semi-boyfriend but neither ever took me on a date lol.
  9. In total, I have had 7 dogs my whole life.
  10. My guilty pleasure is to read erotica and BDSM stories and fanfictions lol.

 Here are my nominees and questions:


And that is all! Hope you all enjoyed this post! Have an awesome day.


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10 thoughts on “7 Facts About Me Tag

  1. Thanks for the nomination love. I’m actually doing mines right now since there’s a little down time in the office. Oh and don’t worry about the driving part. I have failed my driving test 4 times and I still don’t have mines. I’m super anxious and scared to drive now especially in Los Angeles. I almost did past my test before when I was younger and more confident. But the DMV instructor must have hated me cause she took me 15 mins away from the DMV office to look for an automatic fail. Yeah the mistake I did was on the handbook, but when you go to school and they teach you, they practice you around the area and what the instructor will ask you to do.. the basics like switch lanes and park and all that. Well, I could tell she wasn’t marking me and I did everything correctly… So she’s probably like, let’s see if you remember the handbook and so when I didn’t know where we were, I got nervous and panicked. Long story short, ever since then, I’ve been afraid to drive. I did get my permit again this year and I’m also practicing haha. Hopefully the 5th time is the charm haha.

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  2. we are both October babies! Yay! I liked this a lot. I think this is such a fun away to get to know the people in the community better. I can relate to you about driving in a way. I have my license but I’m always afraid to get behind the wheel so I haven’t driven in years. I am glad you are learning! Also I hope you get that job at Pixar one day because I would love to say I know someone that works there. Plus it looks like an awesome company to work for.

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