Top 10 Bookish Settings I’d Like To Visit


So, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly post curated by The Broke and the Bookish. But, I do not post on Tuesday’s so I had to improvise. I saw all my followers do this one Tuesday and I liked this topic. I love all the different worlds in the books I read. Some I would love to go to if they were real (if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of these places let me know we can go on an adventure.) Well anyway, let’s discuss some awesome bookish place I want to visit.


  1. The Londons (Shades of Magic Trilogy)
    Basically, I have to become an Antari so I can travel to the different Londons. Mostly Red London but that’s details.
  2. Lumatere (The Lumatere Chronicles
    This wonderful world has so many kingdoms and vast lands. Some are rocky areas, some are farmlands, some are beautiful wintery scaps. It sounds like a beautiful place to dwell.
  3. Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit)
    Middle Earth is a place booming with adventure and magic. There are many types of people and magical beings and creatures. I would 100% live there.
  4. Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)
    Is this even surprising? Who doesn’t want to go to Camp Half-Blood? Besides the awesome stuff you get up to PERCY JACKSON IS THERE PEOPLE!!!
  5. At Sea with Alosa (Daughter of the Pirate King)
    I just want to be apart of her female pirate crew and destroy any man who tries something against us. I am 100% down to slay some pirate men.
  6. Verity (This Savage Song)
    Monsters, corruption, death oh my! This place should probably be off my list but let’s be honest people we all know the gritty the better for me.
  7. Caraval 
    A magical game where everything is not as it seems. Oh yes, I will take the first flight out, please 🙂
  8. Ketterdam (Six of Crows)
    I just want to be apart of the Dregs and join them on their fantastic heists.
  9. Khorasan (The Wrath and the Dawn)
    I can’t resist a beautiful kingdom and with the amazing Khalid being the Caliph? Um, sign me up!
  10. Gotham (Batman Nightwalker)
    No one SHOULD go to Gotham but I don’t care. I love all things Gotham so you will catch me kicking it with the Joker.

As you can see I like places with magic, darkness, and kingdoms lol.


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19 thoughts on “Top 10 Bookish Settings I’d Like To Visit

  1. I’m only familar with two of these fictional places. I love how you said you’d be kicking it with joker. I find that very entertaining. I feel I would love to go to New Reynes. I like to pretend I would survive it.

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