King of the Seven Lakes Review





King of the Seven Lakes by A.B. Endacott

Published: March 9th, 2018

Genre: High Fantasy/Epic Fantasy


“I swear before the Shadow God that you Gidyon, my King, are my friend and always will be. I swear that I will never forsake you, nor will I leave you.” No man has ever sat on the throne of the Second Country, until now. Elen-ai of the Family of Assassins has returned to the Palace to assist King Gidyon in securing his place on the throne. While she might know that the burden of rule is secure on Gidyon’s young shoulders, many cannot abide the breach of tradition, while others see an opportunity to further their own position. With allegiances forming across the Queendom Gidyon and Elen-ai desperately seek a way to secure his position, but the peace and stability of the Second Country seem increasingly in doubt. As civil war becomes an ever more distinct outcome Elen-ai faces a battle of her own, for one cannot be both an assassin, and friend to a King. 

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“Everybody was looking to Gidyon – the king who was summoning the sun amid the darkness…it was impossible to know who knelt first…bowing their heads in reverence to the king – their king, who held the sun in his hands.”

King of the Seven Lakes was absolutely amazing. I can not believe that it was even better than book one. A.B. Endacott has become my second favorite auto-buy author. Her debut and second book show that she is truly a remarkable writer of high-fantasy. The book starts off with a quick rundown of what happened in Queendom of the Seven Lakes. The world-building really went even further because we got to learn more about the whole kingdom/multiple kingdoms (this duology is set the second kingdom.) We also got to really learn more about all the seven families. I was very surprised by how detailed this author went with the story but she didn’t make it boring. I was completely transfixed by this world and I couldn’t stop reading. It was a major page turner and I finished it in two days. This duology doesn’t just end here though! When the book ends you get a snippet of the two other series in this whole series. Each series takes place in the four different kingdoms. This duology was set in the second kingdom. The next series will be in the third kingdom and the third series will be set in the fourth kingdom. The second to last kingdom is set in either the 1st or 5th kingdom. Then the last series will feature all the main characters from each series for one epic finale. I am so excited to see where this author takes this grand story and I recommend this author’s works 100%.



1) Plot/Pace

“I honestly don’t know,” Kaine admitted, moving his hand to the small of Elen-ai’s back and running it up and down her spine. She arched her back in pleasure at the sensation of his fingertips on her skin. “I’ve never been with an assassin before.”

Halen Katan is still after the throne. Instead of trying to get the throne by being given it so now he will take it by force. The people of Queendom don’t want a king on the throne and the whole second kingdom is on the brink of war. Elen-ai, Gidyon and his uncles must find a way to keep Halen from the throne and stop a war. But the war is inevitable and they all must work to find a way win this war that seems unwinnable. The whole kingdom is filled with tension and Elen-ai must find a way to be both an assassin and a friend to the king. The pace of this story was impeccable. I was never bored because the story kept at a moving pace and something was always happening. The way the author writes about the political agendas and the war itself was masterful because she did it in a way that kept me on my toes and entertained.

2) Writing/World-Building/Setting

‘Gidyon was a ruler who did care, and for that, Elen-ai would follow him to the end of the world.’

As stated above, Endacott’s writing is truly phenomenal for a debut author. She sets the tone for a truly incredible high fantasy. This story has it all. The kingdoms, the magic, the villains, the war, the assassins, and more. Her writing was something exceptional and truly remarkable. I love how she wrote the friendship between Gidyon and Elen-ai and that she kept it as a friendship. They were truly best friend goals. The trust they had in one another was so beautiful. Honestly, I can’t talk about her writing enough. Please if you have any interests in fantasy stories especially high/epic fantasy you must read her stories. We also got to see diversity in sexuality and race for characters.

3) Characters 

“My lord Katan, surely politics are far more deadly than swordcraft,” she replied struggling to keep the venom from her tone.”

Elen-ai is just as badass as she was in Queendom of the Seven Lakes. We got to see her and Gidyon become even closer and develop a romantic relationship with Kaine (one of Gidyon’s uncles.) I loved seeing the growth in her and the inner battles we get to see her work through. Her fighting sequences are so dope to read about. Gidyon transforms into such an amazing King and truly proves why he deserves his throne. But we also see some of his inner battles with his mother’s mistakes and the struggle to gain the respect and backing he deserves. I also loved Kaine. He is Gidyon’s youngest uncle and he was very charismatic, witty, and incredibly sweet. Then we had Nikalus who was a bit more minor but he was Gidyon’s second oldest uncle. He was more soft spoken and was a smart man. Silius was the oldest uncle and wise also he was cannon gay. He was the most outspoken one. I love that we get to see more of Elen-ai’s family members and how they interact with their home and how they fight. Also, the villain so to speak Halen was amazingly written because he really kept me on edge.

“I swear before the Divine One that you, Elen-ai of the Family and Shadow God, are my friend and that friendship is something I will never deny or turn away from.”
“I swear before the Shadow God that you Gidyon, my King, are my friend and always will be. I swear that I will never forsake you, nor will I leave you.”

4) Romance

This was something I loved. Seeing Elen-ai start a romance with Kaine was truly interesting. Every moment they had together was sweet, hot, adorable, and everything in between. I truly loved seeing her find love and I loved how the author didn’t make it Gidyon because they were the perfect best friends and a love for them wouldn’t make sense.

I felt this was a perfect duology ending but I can’t wait to see them in more book in the whole universe.


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