Top 10 Unique Book Titles


I love book titles a lot. And one thing I really love about book titles is how unique some can be. This is based on books on my TBR or books I own. These titles for me are funny, cute, or just interesting and made me go, “well what is this about?” These aren’t actually in order so, I just put the ten titles I really liked.


They Both Die at the End

The Graveyard Book

Because You Love to Hate Me

Speak Easy, Speak Love

 God’s of Howl Mountain

Naked We Came

Ace of Shades

(Don’t) Call Me Crazy

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil

Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish


What are some of your favorites?


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Kathryn Calderon | 24 | Artist of many trades | Villains are my soul

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